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Are You Ready to Weed Wheat Our of Your Diet?

Okay, these Christmas cookies may not look as pretty as the ones I grew up indulging on, but they were just as fun to make with my children and better still –they work with our children's diet, which is gluten-free, casein-free, dye-free and, also, mostly white sugar-, additive- and preservative-free. 

In essence, these cookies are symbolic of a journey towards better eating that our family has been on for several years now – not always pretty, but increasingly easy to digest and, at times, a delightful treat.

If you are considering a similar journey for your family, I would like to suggest a book I had the pleasure of reading a a part of the Bow of Bronze Launch Team:


Luke and Trisha Gilkerson's Weeding Out Wheat!

When I was offered a chance to review Weeding Our Wheat in exchange for an honest review, my curiosity was peaked.  Whereas I had done a significant amount of reading about why my family might want to go wheat-free and felt fairly secure in the science behind our choice, I had not given much thought to any potential faith-based pros and cons to a wheat-free diet beyond the fact that it did seem a bit odd that I was asking my children to eschew typical breads even when our frequent Bible story readings evidenced ample consumption of such foods.  And, so it was that when I received my e-copy of the Weeding Out Wheat, I dove right into it.

And, I do mean dove!  For, after opening the book on my computer, I did anything but browse it.  Instead, I found myself reading it all in one sitting and typing out six pages of notes and quotes as I did.  (Trust me, this is a rarity for me!  I almost never have time to red a book all in one sitting, much less to do so with enough concentration that I can take a few notes, much less pages of notes, on it.  So, I would say that Weeding Out Wheat, is an easily digestible read!)

What Weeding Out Wheat Offers

In Weeding Out Wheat you'll find nearly 100 pages of well-researched, well-thought and easy-to-understand text that explains:

  • why modern wheat is causing mayhem to so many people's bodies
  • what a wheat-free diet has to do with faith
  • and, what in the world you can eat if you go wheat-free

You'll also find that authors Luke and Trisha have stayed true to the book's subtitle, for Weeding Out Wheat is indeed "simple", "scientific" and "faith-based".

As I already mentioned, I read the book in one sitting.  That stands as testimony to the fact that it is written in a conversational tone that can be understood despite momma-bleariness.  In fact, as I read the book, I was impressed with how well Luke ad Trisha did cutting technical terms down to bite-size pieces that any layperson can digest and explaining the findings of their own research without being confusing or boring.

An an example, I found it real and refreshing they way they dealt with explaining "phytates":
Phytates cause minerals to be “bio-unavailable.” That means, when phytates are around, it makes it much more difficult for your body to utilize the vitamins and minerals that are present.
Phytates do this in two ways:
1) they bind up minerals and
2) they prevent minerals from being properly absorbed.
They’re sneaky little suckers...
Now, I’m not going to tell you that phytates are all doom and gloom... (page 32)

Likewise, I was wowed with how thorough Luke and Trisha's research was.  For while Weeding Out Wheat's style is easy-to-read, the research that went into writing the book was obviously intense.  In fact, ten pages of End Notes are included so that anyone wishing to corroborate facts like this one that struck me can.

Modern wheat has been so modified by humans, these strains are unable to grow in the wild anymore because they depend on pest control and nitrate fertilization. (page 9)

And the faith-part?  I found it interesting, logical, and, for me, comforting, as examples from the Bible and the authors' argument boiled down to the idea that the Bible does not mandate any specific diet, but that our faith does tell us to take care of our bodies.  As Luke and Trisha eloquently put things:

Just as we should never make an idol of food or any specific diet, neither should we ignore our diet...We should love taking care of our bodies, because our bodies are a gift from God—an eternal gift. (pages 74-75)

Some Take Aways

As I closed my e-copy of Weeding Out Wheat, I found myself sending links to the book to several friends whose recent complaints and ailments came to mind, for the book reminded me about just how many modern diseases seem to be connected to modern wheat.

I also found myself planning to take further steps in my family's journey to cleaner eating.  For while my children have been gluten-, casein, plus other-things- free for some time and my husband and I have been limited, we all too often replace the wheat, gluten and other things we used to eat with nutritionally deficient foods eating healthier junk food than others might at times, but junk food nonetheless.

Adding more and more nutrient-dense foods to our diet is in order!  (So is Mom finally taking the total gluten-free plunge for herself.  Wish me luck!)

But enough about me and mine.  How about you and yours?  Are you ready to weed wheat out of your diet?  or at least ready to learn more about why you might want to?  Then, I highly suggest reading Luke and Trisha's Weeding Out Wheat as a way to enlighten yourself and invest yourself in the journey.  And, then, as they say, just doing it.

To find out if you have a problem with wheat:

Give it up. Give wheat up for a minimum of 2 months with strict adherence. Some people can tell a difference within days, but it can take months for gluten and other wheat toxins to clear out of your system. Months. Sometimes longer than 2 months. (page 43)
Good luck if you do!  And don't be afraid to ask for help.  You can even join others in the Weeding Out Wheat Encouragement and Support Group on Facebook.

To Purchase Weeding Out Wheat


You can find Luke and Trisha's book as:

  • Amazon for your kindleRegularly $9.95, but now only $1.99 for a limited time (December 30th through January 1st!)

  • Paperback at CreatspaceRegularly $14.95, but now only $9.95 for a limited time (December 30th through January 1st!)

  • Paperback coming soon to Amazon.

Want More Information?

  • Read more about the book, and see what other products author's Luke and Trisha offer, at their site Intoxicated on Life.
  •  Think about things as you watch this short video:


  • Join the Facebook Launch party for the book, where you can win great prizes, too!

Thank You!

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