Sunday, December 23, 2012

Have a Blessed and Healthy Christmas

No fun pictures today.  No inspiring words.  In fact, I just popped in to put up the Training Happy Hearts Sunday Linky in case anyone wants to link up this week, as well as to share a little poem that I posted on my personal Facebook page the other day, which should explain why this blog has been quiet since Tuesday and why it is likely to remain so a bit longer.  I also wanted to wish one and all a very blessed Christmas Day and Season.  May His love shine through each of us, lighting up our lives, no matter what darkness may be about us.

Now, the poem:

Coughing, feverish children are nestled all snug in their beds,
while warmth fills my heart and gratitude my head. 
The past few days demanded a pace oh so slow:
holding my babes and letting so much else go. 
So, cards won't be sent, things may not get done,
and we've had to overlook some usual Advent fun. 
I'm okay with that. In fact, I feel richly blessed. 
My kids have needed me 
and, frankly, we all needed rest. 
This virus-born pause, then, has proven a gift in a way: 
a time to stop, be present and reflect before Christmas Day. 
It has meant snuggles and stories, drying tears, giving hugs, 
being together and, very practically, sharing love, 
reminding ourselves that today's challenges will pass, 
yet the bond of shared moments? Now, THAT will last!

Wishing all similar peace, including those directly affected by Sandy Hook and other tragedies around the world.

Although I have not directly spoken about these heartwrenching events here, like many, I have been praying daily, as well as moving through a gambit of emotions from shock to sadness to hope.  This past week's events have re-inspired to be the change and the love that I seek in this world -- to choose to focus on healing, help, hope and Him.  That is a choice I must re-make every minute, forgiving myself when I fail to any degree and moving forward to make the next moment a better model of positive, faith-driven action and reaction.

As I write this right now, I have a sick little  Jack on my lap, holding my arm, which holds him.  He crawled up to me and said, "Mum, hold me."  I am -- in body, in prayer and in thanks.  What a perfect image of how I have spent this week -- holding all that is good, both literally and figuratively.
No matter what may weigh you down at this moment, may you hold onto a perspective of thanks and praise.  Be lifted, knowing that as I reflect on this past week's world events, as well as on counting blessings borne of the virus in my household, I offer a prayer that YOUR days -- and your perspective about them -- shine with light and hope.  May you feel Peace as you continue preparing for Christmas today and tomorrow, and may Light and Love shine strongly in you and through you throughout the Christmas season and beyond.

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Jennifer @ Catholic Inspired said...

Love the poem!! Merry Christmas, Martianne!! And many blessings to you and your family during this wonderful Christmas Season!


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