Sunday, August 12, 2012

Planning an Assumption of Mary Tea: A Resource Round-Up

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It’s a new month, which means it’s a new opportunity to enjoy a renewed tradition of celebrating liturgical teas in our home.  As such, this coming week, we plan to enjoy a tea in honor or the Assumption of Mary.

Now, this won’t be the first time we celebrate this day.  In fact, a couple of years ago, the children and I spent a lovely morning creating a process-not-product mural in honor of the day and, although there were no cakes nor juice boxes – as Luke had wished for – we had a fruitful discussion and drama in honor of Our Lady’s Assumption.  No doubt, this year’s tea will turn into something different than I envision once I introduce the idea of our tea to the children, just as it did with our St. Anne tea.  But, just so I will have a plethora of resource ideas – and so I could share them with others who may be planning Assumption of Mary Feast Day Celebrations, I decided to do a round up of ideas.  Enjoy browsing the many festive ideas I’ve collected!

  • We recently purchased blue and white candles similar to the ones we used at our St. Anne tea.  So, we will likely use those as symbols of Mary’s traditional color.
  • Sensory fun at the table could be had with lots of puffy white cotton ball clouds to remind us of the heavens.
  • Make a centerpiece inspired by the craft at Powerful with God.
  • Create a stand-up tri-fold centerpiece inspired Marian Panel Art.

Tea Time Fare (plant-strong, yet festive GFCF, additive/preservative/dye-free)



Plus, for my own learning, I will likely spend some quiet time on the day of our tea (and the ones leading up to it!), clicking through links at textweek.

If you know of other great resources for celebrating the Assumption of Mary, please share so it can be added to this round up of ideas!

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