Friday, August 17, 2012

Our Assumption Day Tea – A Day Full of Moments of Grace

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Happy Assumption of Mary Day!
Having gathered ideas for our Assumption Day tea last week, I found our day this past Wednesday punctuated by periods of creative focus and joyful celebration.  In other words, we were blessed with many moments of grace.

Originally, we had plans to celebrate our Assumption Day tea with friends during the day, but when our friend’s schedule changed, we decided we would celebrate the tea with Daddy after he got home from work.  Since Daddy likes to enjoy outdoor time on pleasant evenings, we knew the tea would be outside, so we kept the decorations simple:

Everyone happy to celebrate.  Yes, even Luke. (His face is because he wants to eat, not take a photo.)
  • the centerpiece the children made during the day
  • a white candle for the liturgical color of the day

  • a blue candle to remind us of Mary

  • an Immaculate Heart of Mary candle to include images of Mary and Jesus at the table.

Tea Time Fare 

Assumption Day Waffles
  • The children enjoy chocolate almond milk more than tea, so that was the celebratory drink we used.

  • For evening tea edibles, we enjoyed "Assumption Day Waffles", which were made with GFCF waffles as “the earth”, topped with homemade agave-blueberry sauce “sky” that had vanilla coconut milk ice cream “clouds” floating in it.  We moved a fresh blueberry (blue for Mary’s color) or cashew (whitish for the purity of Mary, since one young man in our home refuses to eat blueberries) to go from our “earth” to our heavenly “clouds” as we recalled the story of the Assumption.
  • We also served an extra dish of blueberries and nuts, since we wanted to include a bit more protein and produce at the table and since Assumption Day festivities often include first fruits.


Jack's Hail Mary Coloring
  • During the day, the children colored pictures of Mary that had the Hail Mary printed at the bottom and prayed the traditional prayer afterward.
  • At the actual tea, we prayed the Hail Mary, Grace and some personal prayers.


Our centerpiece was made by all the children together and includes Mary and Jesus in the heavens and children on earth praying to them.

  • At breakfast, before getting arts-and-crafty for the day, we read the entire Mary: The Mother of Jesus book.  We revisited the Assumption page of the book during our tea.

Our Assumption Day Liturgical Table and Storyboard Wall

  • The children paused during the tea to bring Daddy inside to see the Liturgical Table and wall display they had created during the day.  While there, they narrated the story of the Assumption to him using the story board they had created on the wall.
  • After tea, we participated in an evening Assumption Day Mass, where, blessing of blessings, Luke was better than he’s been at a mass in a long time!

Did you enjoy any special moments on the Assumption of Mary day this past week?  When were your other moments of grace?

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Until Anthony Comes Home said...

Love your Assumption Day Tea idea! So creative, and looks like lots of fun was had by all! kellie


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