Saturday, August 25, 2012

Impromptu Mary Queen of Heaven Liturgical Tea

Our Queenship of Mary centerpiece:  Luke drew God the Father to the left of Mary, Jesus to the right crowning hr and Mary with a crown in the center.  he also made angels to surround the scene.  Nina made the sun to put behind Mary to cloak her.
When I mentioned during our circle time this past Wednesday that it was the Feast of the Queenship of Mary, Luke and Nina asked why we had not been preparing for a Liturgical Tea celebration.  "Um, because Mommy had other things on her mind and has to work tonight," did not seem like a good answer.  ""Maybe you can help put an impromptu one together" sounded better.

So it was that we found ourselves re-reading the Mary: The Mother of Jesus book that we still had out from the library to focus on the feast day and inspire us for a simple, impromptu "tea":


While I put Jack down for an afternoon nap, Luke and Nina spent their quiet time in the afternoon adapting their Assumption Day centerpiece for the Queenship of Mary.

The centerpiece before it was adapted for the Queenship of Mary.
Luke wanted to put other souls in Heaven around the box.

We put this on the table for our dinner tea and also set out out candles again:
  • a white candle for the purity of Mary
  • a blue candle to remind us of the traditional color of Mary
  • an Immaculate Heart of Mary candle to include images of Mary and Jesus at the table.

Tea Time Fare 

Not exactly the most balanced, plant-strong fare, but fun and GFCF, we had make-your-own-Queen-Mary turkey burgers for our dinner tea time, along with juice (because it is a treat to drink juice and the kids prefer it to tea).  

Mommy's sample Make-Your-Own-Mary with 12 squash stars about her head, GFCF corn chip crown, sweet potato fry hair and smile and corn eyes.
Ah, Luke!  Twelve corn chip stars, an olive oil mayo face and one lone pea for ???
Like brother, like sister, but with peas for eyes.
Jack wanted my help, so he got squash stars, a sweet potato fry crown, pea eyes and a carrot mouth for his Queen Mother Mary.
And bringing in the abstract, Daddy just wanted to show that there were vegetable choices at the table, which, for the record, the kiddoes were encouraged to nibble on post burgers, pre-sweet treats.
We followed the burgers up with chocolate almond ice cream (brown to remind us of the earth where Mary was mother to Jesus) and coconut sorbet (white to remind us of the heavens where Mary is mother to us all).


Of course, we prayed the Hail Mary and added some personal intentions, too, especially for two friends with cancer.  Please join us in prayer for both.  One is battling the disease with success; the other may be joining Jesus and Mary soon.


Since I had to scoot out to work, our tea-time activity was simply playing with our food to make our dinners.

However, as I already mentioned, earlier in the day, Luke and Nina spent time making our centerpiece.  Plus, we all enjoyed this beautiful artwork online, which we found especially amusing after a friend pointed out on Facebook that the angels in it resemble our Jack.  So true! 

Diego Velázquez 012
From Wikimedia Commons
Did you honor the Queenship of Mary this past week?  Did you find yourself following your children's lead in letting activities for a portion of a day unfold?

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