Sunday, January 22, 2012

"God Is I Love You Every Single Day of Your Lives"

Nina:  God is a nice man. 

Luke:  He’s better than nice…better than better.  He’s I love you every single day of your lives and every single minute. 

Nina:  God is the awesome of the heavens. 

Luke:  God is bigger than the heavens.  He’s bigger than all of us, His kids.

My children chatted at the table while I did our lunchtime dishes.  Unbeknownst to them, I paused my chore in order to capture a snippet of their dialogue on a nearby scrap of paper.  As I did so, I smiled both at my children’s desire to chat on and on about Our Father and also at the profundity of their thoughts as they did so.

It struck me that our day had provided one thing that I feel is vital to guiding young children in their faith formation:  time.

Time to wonder.

Time to think.

Time to notice.

Time to converse.

Time together sharing just what God intended for us to do:  love.

Indeed, sometimes the best thing we can do to guide our young children in their faith formation is simply to offer them time and space to let the Spirit speak within them and through them.  When we do, amazing things unfold.
In what ways have the young children in your loves demonstrated their love and understanding of God lately?  Have you noticed the Spirit working within them in the lulls of a day?  Do share about it!


Elisa said...

Lately, my daughters have been talking a lot about Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus during their play time. I hear them role playing and see them dressing up as The Holy Family, games they choose to play on their own. The Holy Spirit does work through children in their play.

Martianne said...

It's so true, Elisa. And, the Spirit works in we parents when we witness it. I know it always moves me when I observe my children witnessing their faith. It's awesome! So glad to hear about your children doing the same...


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