Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Summer Sensory Diet Series: Indoor Ideas for Summer Sensory Fun

Well, if I had been posting daily, we would now be wrapping up a week-long series on Sensory Summer Fun, but since I have been posting as life and inspiration have allowed, we are instead wrapping up a seven-part series, with a few brief tangents into Pausing for Prayer and Address Label Sticker Drawings.  Today, we close by offering:
A Few Indoor Ideas
Although I am a huge outdoor person – and have trained my children to follow suit – others prefer (or need) to stay in the comfort of A/C over the summer months.  So, I would be remiss not to mention some or our tried-and-true sensory ideas for indoor summer fun:
And, most importantly, follow your child!   

I followed my children's lead the morning they woke up and wanted to make their own boat (pictured above).  And, I certainly don’t regret it.  Moving chairs provided great heavy work.  Rowing brooms worked arm muscles.  Running about the house to collect gear and doll-passengers provided some extra gross motor fun.  And – wow – the conversations that developed as Luke and Nina narrated our travels through multiple imaginary journeys all morning long! Precious and amusing.
Truly, on the trail, in the community, at the shoreline, in your backyard, at the playground or in the comfort of A/C… wherever you find yourself for the remainder of the summer, there are sure to be plenty of natural opportunities to weave quality sensory experiences into your child’s explorations.  As your child takes interest in something, just go with it! Sensory input with smiles are sure to happen:
Scaling boulders at a concert...

Riding ponies at a Family Day event....
Dodging sprinklers at a splash pad...
I often find that the greatest enjoyment in daily life comes from simply keying into what sparks my children's imaginations and, then, providing opportunities for them to explore these things at their own pace.  Their  investigations and adventures usually include natural sensory input.  And, a well-timed suggestion from me can up the ante for their sensory experiences.  In fact, all of the ideas I shared in this Summer Sensory Diet series blossomed from following my chidlren's interests and needs.

We hope you found some inspiration in:
In turn, we welcome your ideas, comments and links as inspiration for us.  So, please don’t hesitate to leave some.
Truly, we read every comment and try to respond to them, too.  In fact, this final post in the Summer Sensory Diet series was inspired by Pamela’s comment.  She said, “Our weather has been close to 100 and well over heat index. I've been helping my daughter come up with fun indoor activities.”  That got me thinking about the fact that I'd neglected to include any indoor activities in this series until today.

Now, it's your turn:  Put on your SPD Lenses as you observe your child and see what nourishment you might add to a healthy summer sensory diet.  We'd love to hear about the recipes for fun you come up with!


Unknown said...

I found your blog very inspiring therefore I decided to leave you an award on my blog: http://ponadsiebie.blogspot.com/2011/08/blogowej-zabawy-cd.html

Thank you for sharing your great ideas with us

Martianne said...

Thank you, Czyzk. Thanks for leaving your link. I just used an English translator to view it and found it a delight. I love some of your themed Montessori lessons and how you are so attuned to including sensory work.


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