Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Resource Round Up: Handwashing Printables, Songs and Other Helps

The other day, I was inspired to share our Handwashing Chart.  Since then, I have realized that September 18-24, 2011 is International Clean Hands Week.  That's only a month away.

In honor of International Clean Hands Week, I thought I would share some of the free resources I have been checking out for planning some early school year curriculum, habit training and practical life activities while highlighting the importance of handwashing.

  • Caught Dirty Handed is a fun experiment we might try here at home which tests the effectiveness of different hand washing times, techniques and materials.
  • The Scrub Club offers a song recording for handwashing, online games and videos, parent tips, a teacher guide and downloads in Spanish, French and English.
  • Henry the Hand offers a variety curriculum materials, including a free curriculum kit.
  • School Nurse Janet Friederick and the Prescott Early Childhood Center Students present a five-minute handwashing video.
  • Glogerm offers handwashing lesson plans and printables for grades K-6.
  • GoJo offers educational materials including online video games, posters and K-5 lesson plans that feature their fun-loving mascot character Clean Gene. 
  •  The University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers free posters, handouts and game materials for "Sinking Those Germs".
  • The Minnesota Department of Health offers comprehensive hand hygiene resources including posters, information, curriculum plans and printables.
  • Wash Your Hands provides a booklet, video and posters in both English and Spanish.

We'd love to hear about your favorite handwashing songs, books, materials and strategies, too.  Please leave a comment or link

This post is being shared at We Are THAT Family's Works for Me Wednesday, because our Handwashing Chart and keeping germs at bay through handwashing work for us!


The Saved Quarter said...

Handy tips! We have a little song that we sing while washing:

Wash with warm water
and lots of soap
and those germs won't get me, nope nope nope!

Fronts and backs
and in between
that's how we get our hands real clean

If you sing it slowly, you can get in two rounds while washing the recommended 30 seconds. My husband made it up and it's helped our kids to remember what to do.

K- floortime lite mama said...

you are so clever
what wonderful ideas

Martianne said...

Thank you, K-floortime mama. We have yet to use many of these ideas ourselves, but I wanted to share them since I found them an plan to use many throughout the coming year. Right now, our song and chart are our handwashing staples!

And, Saved Quarter, thank you for the fun song you shared.


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