Thursday, June 30, 2011

Has It Already Been a Year Since We Welcomed Our Newest Student?

It was but a year ago today that we welcomed our newest student into our home(school).  And, what a delight our surprise little one has turned out to be so far!
 Jack continues to shine with a sense of calm and joy as he did at seven months old and he has been absolutely eating up the attention I have been consciously offering him since my reflection that our last should sometimes be first.  He was so proud of himself yesterday morning as he mastered his new FAO Schwarz Teddy Bear Stacker yesterday morning when he and I had "our time" before his siblings got up.

Of course, Jack also adores Luke and Nina's attention.  In fact, I had to smile last night during his tubby time when his siblings asked if they could help wash his hair and back.  Without any trouble at all, Jack pulled himslef up on his chubby legs to stand, holding onto the edge, to get closer to his brother and sister.  As his healthy, happy face rounded in open-mouth delight, I thought back to what a skinny, little peanut Jack was when Luke bathed him for the first time.  Where does the time go?

Over the past two months, time seems to have flown.  we have had so many concerns, appointments, activities and "urgent" things happen that I almost feel like I missed how Jack went from being a ten month old, who was just learning to pull to standing to being a one-year-old who he has advanced manifold in both confidence and personality in what seems like a blink of an eye.

In the past few days, Jack has begun to show himself as a bit of the "climber" at times, a problem solver at other times and a delight at all times.  Truly, when he is not content with a "straight mouth" faced (as Luke has termed Jack's pensive, observant look), Jack bubbles with beautiful smiles.  Indeed, his delight in the world can be contagious.

Oh, that we may all see the world through an eager, healthy, happy, curious and peaceful one-year-old's eyes.

We so love our blue-eyed bubbly boy and celebrate the blessing of our first year with him today.
 (So, okay, we know not everyone could come to our house for some fun, but we still hope you'll join us in thanking God for Jack and all the babies God blesses our world with!)


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