Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Newest Student!

Nina bounced on our bed this morning, still enamored and bubbly about our newest Student of Life and Gift from God.  "I am excited because he got out of your belly!" she proclaimed.  I think we all agree with that!

At 5 lb. 3.5 oz. and 17.5 in. long, at just past 9 a.m. on June 30, Jack Robert entered the world.  An eager little mouse (you should hear him squeak!), he arrived three weeks early.

Within 24 hours, he managed to give Mommy and Daddy cause for concern:  With low blood sugar counts and temperature, he was taken from us to the special care nursery.  But, prayer from many friends and family, as well as wonderful care from the staff at the Birth Place at Jordan Hospital   and our hands-down most-loved family physician, Dr. Griever,  Jack Robert made a complete turn around within 48 hours. 

Indeed, Jack Robert mastered both sugar level and temperature regulation and even made unexpected progress at an important practical life skill - eating!  Yes, he quickly went from being a lackadaisical, disinterested little lad, who was a bit adverse to syringe feeding, cup feeding and even bottle feeding -- and would neither root nor gape for straight-from-Mommy milk -- to being a veracious nurser.  We could not be happier, especially after the weeks and months it took us to get Luke and Nina to nurse when they first arrived.

Thus it was with relief and smiles that we welcomed baby Jack Robert into our home on Friday.  And, it is with with full, blessed and grateful hearts that we marvel at him today.  We praise God for entrusting us with his care and pray for His grace and help as we train Jack Robert (and his excited siblings) up in the blessed way He would have our children go.


Nat said...

Congratulations! Blessings to you, your new baby, and your family.

K- floortime lite mama said...


Nikki Olivier said...

Congrats! Trust you are all thoroughly enjoying settling in at home-so good to hear he is doing well and feeding well too! :-)

Hartley said...

He is beautiful -- what a joy! Congratulations! :)

And at 5lbs, he is just over half the size my boys were at birth! LOL

Best wishes to your whole family!

Anonymous said...

congratulations and welcome to your new son, I am so glad that all is now well with him.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and am happy for your son...Nina is now with you...

alecat said...

Hello. I'm new to your blog, after following a few bunny-trails .. :)

Congratulations on your handsome new son! He looks absolutely adorable.

I'm in Australia and enjoyed using Montessori ideas with my children when they were younger. We're more into a Charlotte Mason approach now, with a sprinkling of other ideas.

Looking forward to reading more from you. :)
Catherine (aka alecat)

The Sunshine Crew said...

Congrats! He is beautiful. What a little blessing.
Best wishes to you.


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