Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hiking in the State Park

Here at Jammies School, temps have been soaring into the 100's in our Outdoor Environment.  With new baby Jack aboard, this has meant limited time outside.  We don't want Jack getting overheated and, of course, must protect him from the sun until he is old enough for sunscreen.  So, we've been gearing our fun and exploration time to indoor pursuits for the time being.

That being said, we cannot wait to get back outdoors, and, once Jack is old enough, back to nature walks!

As I think about this, I realize I never got around to posting about our last hike before Jack was born.  Just a few weeks ago, we enjoyed a hike at Massasoit State Park during a play date with a friend.

When our friends suggested the hike, despite the onset of ligament pain on Mommy's part, we went for it.  And, we were so glad we did.  For even if Nina got a bit tired, needed to carried part of the way, had a potty accident and got bitten by nasty mosquitoes despite being sprayed liberally with bug spray, she talked a lot about the hike afterward, proving she had fun on it, even as Mommy sometimes strained to carry her along the trails.

And, Luke had a blast the entire time, too.   Spotting a turtle along the path, and wondering if there was a hare nearby.  (He's been into the Tortoise and the Hare story of late.) Throwing rocks into puddles with Nina and his buddy.  Playing predator-prey with his buddy.  Observing plants and critters along the way.   Running down his buddy's sledding hill... Luke had quite a time on the trail to and away from the pond where we went to spot some swans that had recently made it there home.

And all thoroughly enjoyed our time at the pond.  Finding dead, dried fish.  Pretending to fish.  Calling to the swans to get closer.  Squishing our shoes into muck.  Contemplating how we might make a bridge to cross the "high" waters.  (Luke, inspired by a hike at Pratt Farm wanted to gather logs to make a crossing.)  Truly, it was a time of imagination, observation, exploration and just plain fun!

Can't wait to do it again -- this time with Jack in a pack and my leg ligaments back!

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