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Start Advent with The Giving Manger {A Homeschool Review Crew Review & Giveaway}

  Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Can you believe Advent starts in just a few weeks? Would you like to slow the final days of the year down by living simply with service? Then, take a peak at The Giving Manger from WorthyKids.

I've had the happy opportunity to review t
his beautiful boxed gift set and am so pleased to have it now as it will be a delightful addition to my family's Advent.

I am also excited to share with you about this 
sweet way to focus your family on service as you prepare hearts and home for Jesus and to let you know about a giveway! (See giveaway details at the bottom of the post.)

What Comes with The Giving Manger Set?

The Giving Manger boxed set comes with a heartwarming hardcover picture book written by Allison Hottinger and illustrated by Emily King with simple cut-paper illustrations.

The book presents the tradition of 
The Giving Manger, which is based upon Matthew 25:40b, by telling the story of how two children - Anne and Ben - come to focus on giving gifts of service and discovering the true meaning of Christmas when their father gives them a gift which, at first, they do not appreciate. 

The book also offer Manger Moments (service ideas for children, teens, adults, and families) and Manger Memories (a place to record your service through the years.)

In addition, the gift set includes everything you need to start 
The Giving Manger tradition in your home
  • A simple wooden manger that should be placed in a visible spot in the house to help keep the idea of giving front and center throughout Advent.
  • A bundle of straw that each person in the household will place - one straw at a time  in the manger each time an act of service is performed.

  • A sweet, simple swaddled Baby Jesus that will be placed in the manger on Christmas after the manger is full of straw from all the acts of service offered during the Advent season.
Well-crafted to last years to come, The Giving Manger is definitely something I would recommend!

What a Blessing This Well-Crafted Kit Will Be for Us

The Giving Manger, our family can do away with the old upcycled kids craft that stood in as Jesus' manger for us in the past.

Plus, our Works of Mercy Wisemen will have a lovely new book and set to get into as they encourage my family to move through the "Little Lent" of Advent by making small sacrifices for the Christ Child.

The Giving Manger will, at the same time, help my family focus on our Christkindl tradition, where each of us picks another person's name and secretly does acts of service for that person.

I cannot wait to bring new life to our existing family traditions with this sweet new book-manger- straw-baby Jesus set.

I bet you and yours might like the set to refresh or build your own traditions, too.


Worhty Kids

I so appreciate 
The Giving Manger and am excited to share with you that WorthyKids is graciously giving away 25 sets to lucky families that are residents of the United States or Canada. Winners will be notified on or before November 15, 2021, so click through to enter soon if you want a chance to receive a free kit!

Learn More

Nearly 30 Homeschool Review Crew families have been blessed to reviw The Giving Manger. Some are doing personal giveaways in addition to the main giveaway mentioned above. So, be sure to click through to find links to each review.

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