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A Unique History Study - The Hidden Message of the Great Seal {A Review}

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor compensated in any other way.

My oldest son was looking for something new to add to his self-directed US History studies this year when an opportunity to review 
The Hidden Message of the Great Seal: How Foundational Truth From The Dawn Of Liberty May Rescue A Republic In Peril
 came up. Thinking he might be interested in the book, I showed him the The Hidden Message, LLC website, and he said he'd like to get it. Thus, he's been reading the book regularly as a part of his studies, and I am handing this review over to him.


What Is The Hidden Message of the Great Seal?

The Hidden Message of the Great Seal
 by Michael is a 12 x 9 inch softcover book with glossy pages and an abundance of photographs, illustrations, and graphics. The physical size of the book makes it best for sitting at a table to read or laying on your bed to read.

Because each page is relatively large, the paragraphs are divided into narrow columns, which I find slightly annoying. It reminds me a textbook or the Bible.

It talks about a message hidden in the Seal of the United States - which is on every single dollar bill - that has been hidden for years and will help us as our country grows closer and closer to anarchy or totalitarian rule.

I believe the book is written as a thesis trying to inform us about facts and theories that the author believes they support.

Why Did I Choose to Read The Hidden Message of the Great Seal?

I chose to read this book because I am a lover of history, and I am trying to focus on U.S. History this year. I am a self-proclaimed young expert on Medieval History and the American Revolution so this book fit my interests well.

What Do I Think about The Hidden Message of the Great Seal So Far?

Due to the fact that I am trying to study each chapter deeply - taking notes (which is new for me) - and balancing my reading of history with my other studies, I have not finished the entire book.

I what I have read so far, The Hidden Message of the Great Seal has presented an interesting view of the founding of our nation which is not discussed in most history books. In its focus on the Seal, it discusses manuscripts, historical figures, theories, how the author came to think about the Seal, and why the Seal has contained such a deep secret for so long.

The book also contains a lot about God - lots of God. In fact, every chapter I have read so far has a quote from the Bible or a prayer of a Founding Father, which I find a bit much, although I do understand that the author is a devout Christian and so were many of the Founding Fathers.

I find the book interesting in its narrow focus of the Seal which broadens to include a lot of other history and theories. I plan to finish reading it.

Would I Recommend The Hidden Message of the Great Seal?

To be honest, I find the actual style of writing in the book to be mediocre (which I understand, because I find that writing excellent nonfiction is, in my opinion, far more difficult than writing captivating fiction). However, the topic of the book is quite interesting and original. So, yes, I would recommend The Hidden Message of the Great Seal to those who are interested in history, politics, or theology.


Having browsed The Hidden Message of the Great Seal myself, I am looking forward to when my son finishes it so I can read it to myself and/or to our younger children.

Having paged through the book, I already like that it promises a way for children and adults to learn more about Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams while focusing on such things as freedom, liberty, unity, providence, virtue, and truth as relates to the creation and message of the national seal.

The book's premise seems timely during this period of growing tension and uncertainty in our nation and world.

It is obvious to me that author Michael Kanis possesses
 a passion for encouraging people to preserve our country through a unified pursuit of virtue and hopes to guide readers to thoughts about what the founding fathers envisioned and how we can protect our nation so that it can shine as a light and blessing in our world

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