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Snacking with the Saints: St. Dorothy

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I just love when whole food snacks and saints go together!

That's just the case on February 6, when apples make a perfect snack for celebrating Saint Dorothy. Just set a basket with three apples and three real or faux roses on your table, and you'll be all set for an easy saint day snack.

Or, if you want to get fancy and have time for more elaborate snack preparation, you could make vegan / paleo / glute-free / grain-free apple roses as directed at Nest & Glow, Apple-Honey Roses as found on Feed Them Wisely, or any of the more conventional apple rose recipes that can be found through a quick online search.

Inspiration for a Simple St. Dorothy Feast Day Snack

File:Girolamo Donnini - Santa Dorotéia.jpg
Source: Wikipedia

When Saint Dorothy, who was martyred, was on her way to be killed, a young lawyer named Theophilus mocked her belief that when she was dead she would be transported to a heavenly garden filled with flowers and fruit.

"Send me fruit and flowers, then, when you are dead," he taunted.

Source: Wikipedia
Later, a boy - thought to be an angel- carried three apples and three roses to Theophilus who then converted to Christianity.

A Prayer Before Snacking

Between Grace and snacking, pray this prayer found on Prayers to Our Saints.

Prayer to Saint Dorothy

By the radiance

Of thy holy life

Thou did'st draw

The two sisters united

In spirit into the Eternal Light;

And did'st send roses

And apples from Paradise

To Theophilus.

O Dorothy, as fellow-contestants

You were counted worthy

Of divine glory.

Ask that we who praise

You may receive

The forgiveness of our sins.


You might also read the child-friendly biography of St. Dorothy at Crusaders of Christ, which reminds us:

Today let us pray especially for someone who is far away from God, so that he will return to our Heavenly Father.

Additional Ideas for Celebrating St. Dorothy's Feast Day


Along with your snack, you might also enjoy:

  • Praying for Christians throughout the world who are still persecuted.

    Francisco de Zurbarán 038.jpg
    Source: Wikipedia
  • Doing a picture study of images of Saint Dorothy, who was a particularly favored subject of German and Italian artist.

  • Preparing for spring gardening or doing some indoor gardening, since St. Dorothy is patron to gardeners among others.

    File:Cranach, Lucas, d.Ä. - Die Heilige Dorothea - c. 1530.jpg
    Source: Wikimedia
  • Learning more about St. Dorothy and what was happening around the world during the time in which she lived. (A quick snapshot for this can be found by viewing page 7 of the St. Dorothy presentation at You can also read more about St. Dorothy at Sensus Fidelium.)

May learning more about St. Dorothy bless you and yours and encourage you to come closer to Christ.

    I would love to hear about your favorite traditions, resources, and ideas related to St. Dorothy as well as any other Snacking with the Saint inspirations you might offer.

    Saint Dorothy, pray for us.


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