Sunday, October 6, 2019

7 Ways to Celebrate Our Lady of the Rosary with Kids

As I looked ahead at the week's calendar, I realized that the
Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary is tomorrow. Thus, I am planning a menu of activities to honor the day, pending how it unfolds, and thought I would share my ideas in case they spark fruitful faith-based fun and learning for you and yours, too.

(1) Surprise the Kids with a Treat Rosary

It's been a while since my children have enjoyed a treat rosary, so I was thinking of making a Cookie Rosary for them again this year, until I remembered that I stocked up on Cookie Dough and Cinnamon Churro Smashmallows when I saw them at a local store recently for 50% off .

Now, I am having visions of an edible rosary made from blueberries for Hail Mary beads, Cookie Dough Smashmallows for the Our Father beads, and Cinnamon Churro Smashmallows for the cross.

I plan to make some hot vanilla and chocolate Almond Breeze to serve alongside our edible rosary so the kids can pop the Smashmallows in it after praying if they wish.

(2) Pray along with Holy Heroes

Image Credit: Holy Heroes

If I can find our Holy Heroes Glorious Mysteries CD, which also contains audio about the Miracle of Lepanto, we'll pray the Glorious Mysteries along with it. If not, we will pray on our own, with a Youtube video, or with our Illuminated Rosary Book.

(3) Recall the Miracle of Lepanto

We'll recall when the Rosary saved Christendom, perhaps while coloring pages from Holy Heroes free pdf.  Then, pending how attention spans are, we may read more about the Miraculous Power of the Rosary on ChurchPop or even watch a documentary on Youtube about it.

I have bookmarked these two, but, admit, I have not prewatched them, so I am not sure about their bias or content yet.

(4) Listen to Lepanto by G.K. Chesteron

My children have ever yet to read or listen to "Lepanto" by G.K.Chesterton, so I plan to listen to it with them using Youtube.

(5) Make Ships with Brain Blox to Keep Hands Busy while Heads and Hearts Are (Hopefully) Moved

While listening to the poem (and perhaps the Lepanto stories and documentaries), I plan to keep my children's hands engaged with a challenge to build ships with our Brain Blox. If they get stuck for ideas, I may show them a free printable PDF page with boat and ship designs and, if they are really into it, may also click Youtube over to this short design video:

If you don't have Brain Blox, almost any open-ended building toy could sub for them in keeping hands busy while children listen: Legos, Picasso Tiles, K'nex, craft sticks, etc.

(6) Enjoy a Picture Study of the Allegory of the Battle of Lepanto

I found an interesting image of the Battle of Lepanto from 1571 on Wikipedia by Paolo Veronese.

A little further research told me that the painting was originally located at the Church of St. Peter the Martyr on Murano and was probably ex-Voto (a religious offering given to fulfill a vow) by order of Pietro Guistiniana who took part in the Battle in Lepanto.

I find the depiction interesting with how saints Peter, Roch, Justin, and Mark are praying to the Virgin Mary for the victory of the Christian fleet in the upper portion of the painting, while an angel throws burning arrows into Turkish ships down in the scene of the battle in the lower portion.

If the children get into the picture study, I might browse with them through the 57 Paintings of Lepanto that I found collected on Art Collector.

I would love to hear about how you celebrate Our Lady of the Rosary and would welcome links and ideas for future years.  Please share yours here in a comment or on the Training Happy Hearts Facebook page.

7. Spread Word about the Coast-to-Coast Rosary

I also plan to let my children know that we'll be joining in praying with others next Sunday as a part of the Coast-to-Coast Rosary and encourage them to ask others to join us.

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.


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