Sunday, January 6, 2019

Did You Miss Any of Our Top 10 Faith Posts of 2018?

Happy 2019!  If you're planning ahead for ways to celebrate faith as a family this year, perhaps scrolling through our Top 10 Faith Posts from 2018 will inspire you.

Again this year, as we tallied our Top 20 most popular posts of the year, we noticed that there was an almost 50-50 split between faith-related posts review /giveaways ones.  Today, then, we share our Top 10 Faith Posts from 2018 so that if you've forgotten an old favorite, your memory might be jogged, and, if you missed a popular post, you might discover it now.

I pray that as you scroll through our Top 10 Faith Posts, you will find inspiration to continue to live and grow in faith with your family in 2019.  


The ideas I put together for a Holy Spirit-themed co-op class I was teaching became a blog post, which became a help to many, it seems.

I love sharing lesson ideas, inspiration, and plans, especially about our Catholic faith.  If you're ever looking for any specific ones, just contact me through a comment here, or, better yet, through our Facebook page, and I'd be happy to see if I can help!


training happy hearts
4 Things to Take Home from a Retreat

We were surprised to see that the quick reflection post I wrote after experiencing a wonderful retreat with Catholics Online was popular with others. We're not surprised, though, that the retreat was such a blessing.

Catholics Online is a helpful online resource and the speakers I enjoyed spending time with at the retreat are truly inspired people of faith.  If you're looking for great Catholic inspiration, content, products, and more, check out the Catholics Online directory.


Get a FREE Printable Holy Eucharistic Game Set!

Whether you have someone preparing for First Holy Communion or are simply studying the Eucharist, you might appreciate the free printable game set we created, used, and shared.

You might also enjoy our other First Holy Communion and game posts.


Enjoy FREE PRINTABLES for 2 Easter Nature Walks!

Nature study and themed-nature hunts are always a favorite for me, and it looks like others liked our free printable Stations of the Resurrection (or Via Lucis, Stations of Light, or The Way of Light) printables, too.  So glad!

You might enjoy our other free printables and Easter posts, too.


How We Plan Our Annual All Saints Day Party

All Saints Day is one of our favorite feast days to celebrate with friends, and we've become rather proficient at planning our annual local Catholic homeschoolers party.

So any people have asked how we do it, I finally wrote up a post to explain.  We also have loads of other All Saints Day posts filled with games and ideas.


3 Jars Can Help Your Children Remember to Pray, Fast, and Give

Our Pray, Fast, and Give jars have been a staple of our Lent and Easter celebrations for years, proving simple and meaningful.

We've also shared plenty of other Lenten traditions, ideas, and resources, so be sure to take a peek.


3 Ways to Celebrate the Assumption of Mary

The Assumption is always such a lovely Marian feast day to celebrate.  Find inspiration for celebrating it with your family and friends. 

You might also enjoy our other
 Mama Mary posts, too!


Get Ideas for 8 Marian Apparition Peg Doll Sets

Our Marian Apparition peg dolls have been finding regular spots on our liturgical shelf and at feast day celebrations.

We loved taking part in the swap, receiving beautiful dolls, and sharing oodles of related resources with you.

If you'd like to see our other peg doll collections, find them here


We love free printables, and, obviously, others do, too.

Our second most popular faith post of 2018 proves that. 

So, if you didn't catch this post, click on through and print out a copy of our nature hunt printable to use during Lent this year.  While you're at it, feel free to check out all our Lent posts.

We were surprised to find that so many people were interested in the prayer, links, and ideas that we shared along with a sneak peak at our September Liturgical Shelf. We are also grateful that, in seeing this was our top new faith post of 2018, we were reminded to get back to our initiative of creating liturgical shelf displays to help us recall each monthly dedication.

For, during Advent and the beginning of the Christmas season, we veered away from this initiative, choosing to display one of our nativity sets on our shelf instead of dedicating the space to the Immaculate Conception, but, now, this month, we may add something to remind us of the monthly dedication of the Holy Name of Jesus.

Creating these simple displays is a simple way for our family to stay focused on the liturgical year.  Perhaps you'd like to do similarly.

We'd love to hear which posts YOU liked best in 2018 and what you'd like to see us focus on sharing more of in 2018.  For, as always, there are always more ideas and things happening than we have time to write about, and we'd love to tailor what we share to what you'd like to read.  So, please don't be shy with requests and suggestions.  

May God bless you a your 2019 unfolds.


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