Monday, May 14, 2018

Mama Tired... and Blessed

This mama is tired.

Proud tired...

(...after directing my children and their castmates in a performance this past Friday night.)

Hopeful tired...

(...for that nasty cyst on my girlie's neck, which has been causing so much concern will finally be surgically removed - once and for all, we pray - this coming week.  Your prayers are welcome for this intention!)

Blessed tired...

(...after witnessing this boy who finally got to make his First Holy Communion and was truly beaming from it!)

Grateful tired...

(...recognizing how these three beloved gifts are growing.)

For this was just three years ago...

...and four.  

Seriously... Where does the time go?!?

And how many precious moments slip by when we are tired without us recognizing the amazing grace bestowed on us?

Too many, perhaps.

But, not this one.

Not this very present moment when I sit here looking back at a crazy busy (but blessed!) weekend and ahead at a somewhat concerning (but still surely blessed) week, recognizing God's hand in it all. 

The triumphs, the trials, the joys, the just-make-it-through moments.  Each is precious and wrapped in God's merciful love.

Ah, yes, tonight I may be tired.  Mama tired.  The kind of physical, mental, and emotional tired that is born of the ups and downs of life with children.  But, I am also refreshed.  Truly and ultimately refreshed by the wellspring of love and mercy that I know is there for me - and for you!

Our Lord is so generous in His love and mercy.  How awesome is that!?!

If you are tired, too, may you be able to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and be refreshed by the amazing love of God!


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