Sunday, September 20, 2015

Overwhelmed with Gratitude

I am sitting here surrounded by mess.  So much mess.  Mess I need to cut through and clear out.

Yet, I am also sitting here enveloped in gratitude. 

My children are chatting and giggling in the other room as they take some chill time together using their Sunday computer time after a fun, full family day spent in the great outdoors.  My husband is enjoying a much needed and well-earned rest.  I have just finished checking online messages, sharing virtually in the triumphs and trials of friends, praying for those that have asked for prayer as well as some who have not.

As I sit, a warmth radiates through me.  A peace.  An overwhelming sensation of gratitude. 

This day has been a good one and this moment is quiet and ideal.  Other moments this week have not been as ideal for us, to say the least.  Yet, even recalling the  "bad" of this week I am grateful.

I am here.  Alive.  Imperfect, yet granted so much grace. 
My husband, children, family, and friends are, too. 

Our lives are a gift.

Life is a gift.

May each of us continue to choose that gift every day in every way.

Thanks be to God!


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