Sunday, December 14, 2014

Is This Message for You?

I wanted to write last night or this morning, but never had the chance to do so.

Now, as I finally sit down at my keyboard, what I feel compelled to write about has changed.  

Since it is Guadete Sunday, I had intended to share a few snippets of the joy that my family has experienced so far this Advent.  

Instead, though, I find myself compelled to share message meant for somebody.  I don't know who.  I don't even know if the message will come out with clarity, for I am tired tonight after a full day of many ups, a few downs and a sprinkling of challenges.  

Whoever the message is for, though, I suspect, had a day with far more challenges than any day that I have known of late.  A day that was laced with pain.  Pain that makes you feel so alone.

And therein lies the message I feel compelled to pass on tonight:

You may feel alone.  But you are not.  Even if, physically, no one is there to hold you, you are not alone.

  You are loved. 

Your burden, as unbearable as it seems, is shared.  

A plan for healing exists.  A time is coming...

Just hold on with faith. 

Trust.  Expect.  Await.

This moment may seem dark and ever so unreasonable, but there IS a reason for this season and a HOPE through every season of life.  My prayer tonight is that you grasp that hope and just hold on.

Darkness may be all about you, but the truth is that even the tiniest flicker of light dispels darkness.  Let it be so for you  Look for light that it may it shine for you, in you and through you.  Trust.  It is there.


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