Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lord, Wrap Your Healing Around Us

Outside, snow falls.

Inside, tears do.

The darkness of the night begins to give way to the morning.

The pain of mourning balances with hope for healing.

Cold and sadness begin the day.  Yet beauty and cleansing do, too.   

Yesterday, I lost my niece.  A beautiful girl with beautiful smile.  This morning, I just wish I could hear her giggling again at her silly little nephew, my youngest, who she always got a kick out of.

This morning, I want so badly to be next to my sister, holding her as she tries to hold herself together.  But, I cannot be.  

I must be home, caring for my own three precious children, who sleep in peace, alive and well, awaiting my kisses when they wake up.  Children who blessed me as they heard the news last night.  One crying with me.  One giving me huge hugs and telling me, "Mommy I think you need me to hug you.  Everything will be okay."  Another, who, not really understanding, still went to Adoration with me and his siblings for a few minutes to pray and covered my teary face with kisses.  All my children who I treasure and cannot imagine losing so suddenly.  

May I never know the pain my sister and brother-in-law endure.  May no one else know such pain.  And may that pain be eased.

This morning, my hearts breaks for so many, including beautiful Adrian, whose smile and laughter I will never be gifted with here on earth again.

My heart is heavy with sorrow for all of us who miss her and love her.

Yet, it is hopeful. 

Hopeful for healing among us, her family and friends, and among others who endure similar pains. 

It is hopeful that we can all mourn loss together, celebrating who Adrian and other loved ones have been to us even as we move through shock, anger and extraordinary sadness over how they departed.

Indeed, my heart begins to heal with hope that I may meet Adrian again one day and that all out there who have lost loved ones like this may be reunited with them again in heaven.

May our Lord wrap y niece and all like her in his arms in heaven, purifying them and taking away whatever great pain caused their deaths. I love you, dear girl.  I miss you.

Lord, please heal us.  Please heal my family and all families suffering the unexpected loss of a child, the painful loss of a loved one who extinguished the gift of life on earth too soon.

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Marsha Baker said...

I'm so sorry for your great loss. This is a beautiful post May God bring needed healing to all of your hurting hearts. So So tragic and sorrowful.


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