Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Most Clicked On Post of All Time (cue drumroll...)

It's been one busy week here, so I am four day late joining in on:

But, I thought it would be fun anyway.

This month's category is your most clicked post of all times.  I was pretty sure I knew what mine was before I even checked blog stats to be sure.  And, I was right:

The Training Happy Hearts Post 

with the Most Clicks of All Time!

Alerting Activity ABC Cards

Alerting Activity ABC Cards came in on my Blogger stats just now with over 17,619 clicks, which is way ahead of the next two most popular posts here:

I guess that just goes to show that folks here like freebies, printables, resource lists and hands-on (or, in some cases, full-body-engaged!) activities.  No  wonder.  I do, too!  So, to make everyone happy, I will be sure to include more round-ups, printables and sensory smart body-engaging ideas in the weeks and months to come.  Be sure to check back, subscribe (using the feedburner tool in the right sidebar) or join us on Facebook so you don't miss any.  And, if you have any special requests, just ask away!

Plus, if you are more blog savvy than me, perhaps you could answer a question:  The numbers that I get on my Blogger stats page and those I get on my Analytics page are significantly different.  We're talking but up to a couple thousand at times.  Any idea why?  Thanks for chiming in if you know and also for sharing your favorite free ways for tracking your blog.


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