Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Have You Popped Over to UpsideDown Homeschooling?

I have.

In fact, as I got to know UpsideDown Homeschooling's Heather through Facebook and her blog, I began to feel a bit connected with her.  Thus, when she put out a call for contributors for her blog, I wanted to answer quickly: Yes!

I did not, though,  Instead, I prayed over it.

I had just wrapped up another blogging commitment that I had had at Catholic Mother's Online, which ended when Angie decided to make that blog go static.  I had recently reduced my commitment to two other places I share at: Signature Moms and at Special-ism.  I  was trying to increase my focus on homeschooling, improve my abilities at homekeeping, balance my commitments to paid work and attend to sundry other things that moms like me manage as a part of our call.  So, how could it be prudent to answer Heather's call?  

I may have wanted to, but was I supposed to.

Yep.  I prayed.

And, fairly quickly, I sensed an answer:  The details will work out with prayer and trust.  God has laid it on my heart to increase the energy I spend encouraging and ministering to other Christian homeschool wives and moms (and being encouraged myself!)  That is what UpsideDown homeschooling is all about.

So it was that I answered Heather's call and she, in turn, chose me to be a part of the team.

I am excited to see how God uses this new opportunity in my life and in the lives of those I come to know and to share with.

I'll continue to see you here weekly and look forward to sharing with you -- and other readers -- at UpsideDown Homeschooling monthly!

If you ever have specific requests or questions you'd like me to write about here or there, just let me know!


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