Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Holy Spirit Speaks through Children's Play

What are Luke and Nina up to here?

Well, if you asked them, they were singing to their dog-baby, who was going to sleep.

If you asked me, they were helping Mommy listen.

You see, sometimes, when I read the Bible, I wonder: Why doesn’t God send burning bushes, angels and other messengers anymore? For I could sure use some direct guidance and encouragement at times. Most mothers could, right?

Then, I realize He does. He uses those around us to help us receive His messages.

Take this scene last week, for example.  It was through it that the Holy Spirit spoke to me through  Now, I’m not ready to share exactly what the Holy Spirit spoke to me about, right now, but I will share how:

I was discouraged. I was questioning. I was feeling unheard and undirected. I was also not paying much attention to Luke and Nina’s latest antics.

Then, I sat near the kids for a moment with Jack in my arms, too tired to even formulate prayers or cognizant thoughts in my mind.

That’s when Luke turned to Nina and said, “Let’s sing Jesus songs. Let’s sing ‘Alleluia’.”

Now, that caught my attention.


Well, Luke has had an inexplicable aversion to the word “Alleluia” for quite a while now. In fact, he was more than happy to "bury Alleluia" for Lent and shouted at Nina every time she tried to sing it (one of her favorite things to sing) for the next six weeks. Then, since Easter, when he’s heard the word sung, he has usually covered his ears and complained that he “hates alleluia”.

Moreover, the kid has been breaking my heart and testing limits by saying he loves the angels and God, but doesn’t like Jesus. WHAT?!?  Imagine my horror (and my questioning of self about if I have already failed my calling as a mom) every time he voices such offensive thoughts.

So, having Luke suggest singing Alleluia and Jesus songs warmed my heart. Then, as he did it Luke-style, pounding out “music” on his broom-guitar while sing-shouting at the top of his lungs, I sensed a very distinct answer from God about a few things.

Yep, sometimes through din of childhood play, the Holy Spirit speaks to our hearts. I am so grateful that he spoke to mine last week.

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