Sunday, September 8, 2019

Celebrate the Nativity of Mary in Minutes

 When life keeps throwing you curve balls and balanced time management seems an unachievable goal...

When all you have is a corner of your kitchen table and a few minutes to put something together...

You might toss a blue table cloth over that corner of your table, take a pint of dairy-free vanilla "ice cream", put it on a plate with a bunch of blueberries, place a candle in it, and set a candle with the Blessed Virgin Mary behind it...

 Minutes later, you might call your crew to the kitchen...

... where you might sing "Happy Birthday" to Mama Mary...

... and, then, you might ask your children: What gift might you offer Mama Mary this week in honor of her birthday?

"I will be patient and try not to yell..." one of your children might pipe up.

"I will be good at stuff and help others be good, too." Another will smile and reach to dig in.

"I will build my muscles... to be strong and defend people... and pray a Hail Mary every day," a third child might share.

Finally, your husband, your children, and you might polish off the "cake" in mere minutes, and, then, you might smile, thinking:
Mama Mary... Immaculate Mary... dearest Queen of Heaven, you know how much of a struggle some days on earth can be. Yet, you also know what love and grace are available every day in abundance if we just remember to say "Yes" to God as you did. May we follow your lead.

Happy birthday, dear Mary.

Blessed Virgin Mary, pray for us. 


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