Sunday, July 7, 2019

Truth, Beauty, and Goodness

Truth. Beauty. Goodness.

Did your Sunday contain these things?

If so, awesome.

If not, no worries. Monday can.

God grants us a new day every day and each day is naturally filled with truth, beauty, and goodness. All we have to do is embrace what already is... and keep it simple.

Truth - what is real.

All too often when we talk about "reality" we do so with some sort of negative overtone. 

"Face reality." "Get real."

We seem to equate reality with "not good".


Sure, reality is what it is - and, o
ften what is real and what is ideal diverge. However, just as often often, reality is filled with amazing blessings.

Even amidst challenge, there are blessings. Very real blessings. All we have to do is look around and start counting them.

And while we are looking, we can see and experience beauty.

Yes, beauty.

Wonder and delight.

That which radiates... That which moves us with its unity... its harmony... or its balance... or its purity...

That which strikes us through both our senses and also our soul as a sign of God's amazing benevolence, graciousness, and glory.

That which radiates...

Yes, beauty can be so simple, yet shine with such impact.

And, goodness.


Ahhhh... the goodness.

The way in which things fulfill their purpose.

The approximations to perfection.

The perfection itself.

Every day in so many ways, we can experience it.

Goodness. Beauty. Truth.

They are present to behold.

May your day be filled with them.


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