Sunday, August 19, 2018

Enjoy a Nature Craft and Poetry for St. Rose of Lima's Feast Day

Last year, I shared a long list of ideas for celebrating St. Rose of Lima's feast day on August 23rd.  Among them, were the lyrics of a song attributed to St. Rose:

Tiny singer, flit your wings;
Bow before the King of kings.
Let your lovely concert rise
To Him Who gave you songs and skies.
Let your throat, full of carols sweet,
Pour them before the Eternal's feet
That we His praise may magnify
Whom birds and angels glorify.
I shall sing to Him who saved me:
You will sing to Him who made ye.
Both together, we shall bless
The God of love and happiness.
Sing, sing with bursting throat and heart!
In turn our voices will take part
To sing together, you and I,
A canticle of holy joy.
{As the bird flew away:}
The little bird abandons me:
My playmate's wings ascend.
Blessed be my God,
Who faithfully Stays with me to the end.

Then, when going through an old pile of papers the other day,  I found a print out of how to make an Easy Orange Bird Feeder.  I had kept these instructions as a "tickler" idea for a craft for a future Our Lady of Altagracia feast day celebration, however, tonight, I realized the craft could be an ideal one for this week!

What a simple, enjoyable pairing it would be to read and chat about the lyrics of the song, and, then, make the bird feeders to hang, perhaps while listening to some birdsong:

Or even becoming more expert at indentifying bird calls.

I hope to enjoy this simple poetry and nature time as a part of our St. Rose of Lima observances and activities this year.  I'd love to hear what your may do!

St. Rose of Lima, pray for us!


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