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Learning About Science Collection {A WriteBonnieRose Review & Discount Code}

Do you ever find yourself wanting a simple, bite-sized approach to science at an elementary school level?

If so, Learning About Science Collection, Level 3 (Cursive) by WriteBonnieRose could be for you! 

Learning About Science Collection, Level 3 (Cursive) is comprised of seven black-and-white printable pdf booklets, each about twenty pages long. 

Each booklet focuses on a different science topic and presents material in a clear, concise style that includes informative paragraphs, traceable cursive words, and drawing and words written in bubble letters that colored in.  There are also basic activity pages and an answer key.

Topics of study include life science, earth science, and physical science:

  • Kinds of Animals and How They Live, which features over thirty animals and looks specifically at vertebrates, invertebrates, and arthropods, as well as animal classification

  • What’s Going On Inside Plants?,which presents the parts of a plant, different types of plants, and basic concepts of photosynthesis and transpiration.

  • Life in the Ocean’s Hidden Zones, which presents the five zones of the ocean and includes examples of over 30 planst and animals that live in them

  • Forecasting and Understanding the Weather, which discusses the elements of weather, basic meteorological concepts, and the tools used for assessing weather

  • Discovering Rocks, Minerals, & Crystals, which covers the three classes of rocks, how they are created, and what their similarities are, and, then, presents more than 20 specific types of rock.
  • Exploring the Earth’s Landforms, which presents 30 different types of landforms

  • Energy and Its Many Forms, which introduces the five main types of energy and some of our sources of energy and is packed with vocabulary and concepts.

Also included in the download is a Discusion Help document, which contains Creation Science resources and lists websites related to the specific topics covered in the booklets.

A Low-Key Introduction or Review of Science Concepts

Learning About Science Collection, Level 3 (Cursive) is written for a K-3 grade level, and,in keeping with that, it is decidedly elementary.  Concepts are introduced and discussed, but not gone into with depth and rigor.

For some, this may be a drawback.  For my family, it works.


We approach elementary science in an eclectic way - going to a library program here, reading a book there, enjoying a field trip, workshop, seminar, co-p class, or self-study over there... 

Experiential learning and following our own curiosity play largely into our elementary science learning approach - as does "cross-curricula" learning.  In fact, on any given day, you might find my family focused on a combination of faith, geography, literature, nature, math, and even art and music studies that blend science in without having it be a stand-alone subject. 

So, of course, outside of times when a particular science topic peaks our interest and causes us to dive into books, videos, or, even, traditional curriculum, that deals with it, we end up just learning science as we go.

Doing so work well for us in many ways, but, sometimes leaves us with temporary holes in science-specific vocabulary and concepts.  Materials like 
Learning About Science Collection, Level 3 (Cursive) help identify such holes in a low-key, inviting format that does not take long to use and appeals to my children.

They also tie in nicely with the experiential learning we love so much.  For example, we went on a wild edibles walk which brought to mind pages of What's Going on Inside of Plants. 

My 11 year old daughter said:

The Learning About Science Collection is good.  I like the booklets you print out.  They have reading, writing, and coloring all combined together on every page. 

The material did not go very deep.  It gives the basics.  That was good because it helps you review some things and also gives you a little about a lot of things on a topic, so, if you really like something, you an research more in depth about it.
I think the booklets would be good for a big group class, because kids could color while other kids read aloud.  For individuals, it makes a good introductory or review study, depending on how much you know.
I want to do more of them.

My eight year old said:
It is fun. I like reading about the rocks, the minerals, the weather stuff... on my own. 

I also like coloring sometimes. 
The cursive is okay.  All it is is tracing the names of things.
I want Mom to print me all the booklets, so I can read them. I think they are good for review and introduction.
I really like the rocks one!  We went on a rock walk before and this booklet reminded me a lot of it.

Both of my children which tried this product found the material easy, but engaging, and I liked how the key words, concepts, etc. tied into prior learning we have done in a geography club, co-op classes, field trips, etc.

I also liked that I could simply pull up the pdf files, ask my children which they wanted to check out, print, and go.  The Learning About Science Collection offered us review (and might offer others introduction) to key elementary science topics while
 leaving plenty of room for summer fun, experiential learning, and studies fleshed out by videos, library books, and more.

I would not hesitate to recommend Learning About Science Collection, Level 3 (Cursive) to families with children who like traditional schoolwork (reading, coloring, etc.) for introducing science topics or those who lean towards the eclectic and experiential but would like periodic simple review.  (Those that like meatier, in-depth science may only like this series as a light jumping -off point.)

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