Friday, April 29, 2016

Check Out My Motivated Boy's Blog Posts

Sometimes, you just have to say, "yes". 

This morning, my son woke before his siblings and wanted to write a blog post for his long-neglected blog, Art, Imagination, and the NFL.  I said, "yes", and look what he did:

Check out his post
Geo Club!

My son also pointed out to me that he had written two drafts that have been waiting for my approval to post.  Oops!  Momma-fail.  But, Momma-fixed-the-fail, too.  Those back-dated posts are now up on my son's blog and he is beaming with pride.

You can see some great photos and read about the cool space ships that my son, his siblings, and their friends designed at a museum program.

You can also learn what my son's favorite video games are.

My boy does NOT like to write, so the fact that he's ASKING to write blog posts thrills me.  Sometimes, a homeschool mama just has to say, "yes" to ignite a skill in her son.  It appears that saying "yes" to my son having his own blog and taking some time to allow him to post on it this morning has proven fruitful. Knowing that he can share on his blog motivates my son to write and, to me, that is a huge win.  Writing, after all, is a form of communication, and, if my son's motivation to write is to communicate through a blog, I am all for it.

I pray you have had a winning moment today, too.

What's been working to help you and your children get and stay motivated?


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