Sunday, August 23, 2015

Year of Consecrated Life Corner

On and off for years, the kids and I have set up feast tables (and shelves) in our home.  However, we have fallen out of consistency with doing so, and, this fall, I would like that to change.  Thus, today I got to rounding up resources as inspiration for part of our September table and thought I'd share my findings.

Inspired by the fantastic feast tables shared on Wildflowers and Marbles, I have decided I would like three parts to our September liturgical table: one corner for the Year of Consecration, one corner for the monthly dedication and intentions, and the center for more temporary things.

The Year of Consecrated Life
Even though we are months and months into the Year of Consecration, I have yet to focus on it much with my children.  So, inspired by the objectives set out in Pope Francis' apostolic letter.  I will be consulting with the kids about what they want to include on a corner of  our shelf dedicated to it.

Some things I am considering are:

  • a scrapbook page holder with images of some of the September saints who were priests and nuns to help us "look back at the past with gratitude"
  • a print out of the Year of Consecrated Life logo
  • a print out of Pope Francis' prayer for vocations
  • some sort of craft based on the Prayer for Vocations on Loyola Press' website.
  • wooden letters that say NOW, to remind us "to live the present with passion"
  • letters that say "yes" to remind us to "embrace the future with hope"
  • a wrapped gift, to remind us to "be aware of the gift (we ourselves) have received".
Of course, we likely will not include all of these things and we may also substitute other ideas, too.  (I'd love to hear yours!)  My goal is simply to introduce the the "Year of Consecrated Life" to the children as a focus.

How have you been sharing the Year of Consecrated Life with the children in your life?


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