Sunday, November 16, 2014

When Siblings Serve at Mass...

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The other day, I went to clean our Dry Erase Peel & Stick Whiteboard Dry-Erase Board and found this:

I smiled, guessing it had been Nina who had sketched the simple drawing of the Mass, and went to find her to ask if it was okay if I erased it.  

When I found her, she was fetching water and crackers for Jack, who was doing this:

Jack was setting up an altar with our miniature Mass kit from Our Father's House and a bowl he had purchased at a neighbor's yard sale this summer.  He, then, proceeded to alternate between playing altar boy and priest.

Meanwhile, Nina alternated between chatting with me and playing choir member/parishioner.  She told me that she loves serving at Mass by singing at Mass and wants to continue to serve our church "in any way possible" as she grows.

I have no doubt -- and every prayer -- that Ninaa will.

In fact, I pray that each of my children will joyfully serve our local parish community in their own ways right through adulthood and, that, our entire family will grow in service to the larger Church as well.

Already, I see those prayers being answered. Undoubtedly, each time Luke serves on the altar and Nina in the choir, the desire to serve in a specific way grows in Jack's heart, too.

We are learning here that when siblings serve at Mass, blessings unfold.

As a side note, I'd like to add that we love, love, love our miniature Mass Kit!  It was a purchase we had to save for and I am glad that we did.  It' beautiful and our children use it regularly.

Since we bought our realistic looking kit, however, another Mass Kit for children has come onto the market.  It is a soft version that I think would be wonderful for small children to use at home or as a quiet bag at Mass.

May your family be blessed as each person within it answers specific calls to service.  Let's pray for one another to hear and heed calls to use our personal gifts and desires to serve the Church.

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