Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Quick and-Easy Craft for the Exaltation of the Holy Cross (Plus Some Ideas for Mary's Birthday Today!)

As my children and I sculpted with packing peanuts, water and toothpicks the other day, exploring all the different ways we could use the materials, one of us spontaneously made a cross shape and others followed.

Later, as I looked at the calendar and realized September 14 is the Exaltation of the Holy Cross (Triumph of the Cross or Feast of the Cross – whatever you want to call it), which is a feast we have not yet really celebrated in our home, I thought, What a perfect activity to reprise on that day! I also thought, I just have to share this simple, eco-friendly idea in case anyone wants an inexpensive, easy, open-ended activity to enjoy as a family on the Exaltation of the Cross Feast Day.

Truly, you cannot get much easier than this one.

How to Make Packing Peanut Crosses

 Simply set out a pile of some of modern packing peanuts (the kind made out of corn, not styrofoam) and place some toothpicks and some shallow dishes of water next to it. Then, let imagination take over.

Dip the peanuts into water and squish them gently together with other peanuts. Use toothpicks and peanuts together. Mold some peanuts into a ball shape to represent the world and sculpt a cross on top of it. Go as simple or elaborate as you wish!

A Caveat

Just don’t try to eat the peanuts as a tweezer-wielding kiddo of mine did. For although the peanutes are made from corn, and have a distinctive (and apparently appealing to young lads practicing fine motor skills) aroma when they are wet, they probably are not the most nutritious thing in the world!

What is fortifying, though, is our heritage and faith. So, once your children have sculpted crosses, you may wish to allow them to play and create freely with the remainder of the peanuts while you chat about the significance of the day, pausing at times to pray.

A Quick Nativity of Mary Round Up 

I wasn't thinking ahead last week, so I did not share ideas for the Nativity of Mary -- which is today!  So, I thought I'd close today with a quick round up of past ideas for those that would like some last-minute ones or those that want to continue the celebration throughout the week.

What crafts and traditions does your family enjoy for the Nativity or Mary and the Exultation of the Cross?


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Monica McConkey said...

Nice post for the Nativity of Mary and the Triumph of the Cross! Thanks for the link-up!


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