Sunday, July 15, 2012

Viruses, Viruses... Glad to Be Through Them

Happy Sunday!

I am celebrating: The sun is shining. Mass and the beach await my family, plus my computer is sitting once more upon my desk.

Now, these may seem like simple blessings, but they are ones I rejoice in nonetheless. For viruses – virtual and real – have waylaid one or more of these blessings for each of the past few weeks in our home and now it seems we are through them. 

Those wondering where I was for last week’s Training Happy Hearts: A Call to Faith Formation for Young Children and why I have not been blogging much at all, please understand, my computer was hit by a trojan horse dropper virus that would not be eradicated through my own limited knowledge, nor remotely by our favorite local computer guy. It finally necessitated the "big guns": an extended trip to a computer gurus fix-it shack.

Concurrent with the virtual virus, each of my children braved a stomach virus over the past three weeks, and one even stayed strong through a puzzling rash that ensued, scaring me more than the child herself.

So, life with my computer and away from it required a brief, unexpected blogging break again.

That break is now over, but I make no promises regarding how consistently I will be blogging again.   My main call is to my family; their needs take priority.  Blogging is a passion that I like to keep up with, but it is also one I must continue to put on pause as family – and computer woes – demand.

For the present, I am simply glad to be through all the viruses and to have a moment to say hello to faithful readers again. I pray your Sunday is as full of simple celebrations as mine is today and, as I do every Sunday (every day, that, it is,when our home is not beset by viruses), I invite you to link up below.

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Jennifer @ Crafolic said...

Glad things are better with your computer and I hope you had a nice day with your family. Blessing on the coming week!


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