Friday, June 1, 2012

Seeing It's Time...

Here I sit in the corner of my living room.

Around me I see evidence of life -- messy but blessed. 

The couch is pulled out because earlier my children wanted to access their toy shelves, which are temporarily housed behind it.  They worked their muscles to it happen, getting in some natural heavy work first thing this morning.

There are small puddles of water trailing from our bathroom to the low cupboard in front of our living room window, which my children use as a play table.  Why?  Because my two youngest "carefully" carried play pots of water over to set up a pretend meal.  Self-directed dramatic play and cooperative conversation at its best -- with some practical life skills thrown in.

In every direction I see piles -- of clothing, boxes, play things, learning things, work items.  Stuff I need to sort, organize, tend to, gift forward.  Each pile is a cairn directing a a path I could take today.  Or one I will delay at least until nightfall.

On my lap is the computer that beckoned me to take up blogging again this morning after a month long haitus when my last computer's motherboard went.  I am so exicted to be able to blog again that my laptop tempts me to spent far too much time doing so.  But, the month's break -- and all that did and did not get don durin it -- helped me see a need for more intentional balance.   I cannot give into temptation to spend too much time in front of a screen and not enough engaged in real life. 

Outside the windows, I see sunshine, blue skies, green leaves dancing in the breeze...  I see an invitation to enjoy the day to the fullest.  Living life in its full glory with my children.

I am about  to accept that invitation -- to act on freedom afforded to my family through our choice to homeschool.

The mess of our "home" can be brought into better order when the Lord is not inviting us outside with such welcoming allure.

The "school" we attend does not demand that we remain clositered in an indoor learning space, occassionally day dreaming as we gaze out to a day we wish we could get outside into.

Nope, today homeschool does not mean attending to home, plus school.  Rather it means that home's cool.  Or, more literally, delightfully warm.

Here we go...

This post is being shared as part of Five Minute Friday, an intiative that I felt would be a great way to get back into blogging without allowing it to further tip the balance of I am trying to attain and maintain here at home.

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Prairie Jenn said...

Stopping by from Gypsy Mama's blog. Love what you said about your homeschool! We homeschool too:) This was my first time to do the five minute writing challenge too. Sure is nice to "meet" you!


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