Monday, July 25, 2011

Montessori Opportunities

I just wanted to share about two fantastic giveaways going on right now:

At Raccoon School, my bloggie friend Rebecca is giving away a seat in Karen Tyler's next online Montessori class -- a fantastic course I have had the pleasure to have taken.  Odds of winning are very good, and, even if you don't win, I highly doubt you'll be disappointed from having clicked on over to Raccoon School, where you'll find some DYI Montessori materials write ups, such as the fab felt continent map puzzle Rebecca just made.

And, at the excellent site Montessori Print Shop, where you;ll find a helpful blog plus oodles of helpful, inexpensive, but just-what-you-might-need Montessori materials, they are giving away an incredible set of 100 Nomenclature cards geared toward 4-9 year olds.  I so hope to win this giveaway myself, but would be remiss not to share the opportunity so others can have a go at winning.  I encourage you to check the giveaway out -- and even if for some odd reason you don't want to enter yourself, enter for my kids!  If you win and don't really want the CD, it would make a prized gift and resource here!

Good luck with both giveaways!

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Rebecca said...

Thanks, Martianne for your kind words, and spreading the word about these giveaways. Counting Coconuts is also giving away some Montessori materials...

Good luck to you and your readers on all these fabulous giveaways!


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