Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our Last Shall Be First At Times: Responding to the Need for Individual Attention for Jack

Jack's Two-Tooth Grin
How's our little one been feeling?

Dear me, I fear the answer is “ignored” at times.  Or, at least that’s what I surmised when Jack came low-crawling and fussing down the hallway to find Luke, Nina and me the other day, only to fall into a heap of sighing, exhausted sleep as soon as he reached the doorway to our play and learning space/office. 

Shame on me, I thought!  Jack is not a fussy child and is anything but a high maintenance baby (unlike his big brother at his age!)  In fact, Jack is endearing and almost always ready with a two-tooth smile.  He should be getting extra attention.  But, instead – yikes! – he is obviously receiving a lack of attention.

This is inexcusable.  As a youngest child myself, I should be conscientiously showering our happy little babe with huge portions of love and attention, not giving him the shaft.

Guilty Mama.  I am (self) charged.  And, I am going to make amends.

Henceforth, I am determined to ensure that Jack doesn’t experience life as a pie, where he gets the leftovers portions.  Instead, I aim to make certain that he discovers life as a spring, where the refreshing waters just keep flowing, pouring forth enough to share with everyone! 

Yes, I am now making a conscious effort to give the last of our children the first turn some days to drink the goodness of individual attention in!  And, no, I do not mean simply because he sleeps next to me and gets the earliest share in my attention each day.  I mean because I have begun to plan some mornings around Jack first – not the other kids.

What would Jack enjoy?  Which toys and experiences would satiate him with a full share of Mama love?  Those are the questions such mornings answer.   And, more importantly, they answer the question:  How can I demonstrate through actions and words just how grateful I am for the gift of my youngest?  For, indeed, he is so very precious.

I am so grateful for Jack being in our lives.  I am equally thankful that when Jack fell asleep after his long crawl down the hallway the other day, I woke up to the fact that he has not been getting enough attention at times of late.

How do you respond to the needs of all your children?   How do you offer each the individual attention they crave?  Please share your thoughts in a comment. And, please visit Heavenly Homemaker’s Gratituesday, where this post is being shared.

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Rashi said...

Martianne, you bring up a very good point that most of the mothers need to think and work on. I agree giving your kids the attention they need is very essential for their overall growth and development.

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