Sunday, February 7, 2016

Check Out Our Beautiful New Lenten Learning Tool!

As I prepare for Lent this week, I am excited by a new Lenten learning tool we'll be using this year:  Our Lenten Resurrection Eggs!

These eggs entered our home last week as the culmination of a local swap I participated in, which was inspired by Sarah, from Frugal Fun for Boys and her DIY Resurrection Eggs.  (I offered a How-To last week based on my experience.)

For our swap, each participating mom was asked to use paint, Sharpies, or a woodburning tool to create 13 eggs of a single design.  These eggs were then swapped for a set of 12 eggs to take home.  (The 13th egg each of us made went to a full set to be donated to a local Mom in need.)

Moms were also asked to paint the backs of their eggs.  Don't you just love how the collection of colors came out?

And, are you wondering why one egg is missing?  My children did, too.  So, I explained the truth to them:  Unfortunately, on the day of our swap, one mom was sick, so we are still waiting on our Day Four egg.  Until we get it, we can use the empty space as a reminder to pray for her and her family.

We will also put a list of who made which egg to keep in our egg box so we can remember to pray specifically for each of the families that participated in the swap as a part of our Lenten commitment to spend extra time in daily prayer.  (We did this same thing thing with our Jesse Tree and 12 Days of Christmas ornaments with much success.  The children loved recalling who made each swap item and offering special prayers for the families of the moms who made them.)

Want to See Our Eggs Up Close?

As I examined our eggs after receiving them, I loved the perfection of their imperfections.  Each egg is unique and beautiful on its own, and made even better as a part of a full collection.  See:

#1 A Palm Branch = People welcomed Jesus with palm branches during His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. 

#2 Bread and Wine = Jesus and the apostles gathered for the Last Supper and the institution of The Lord’s Supper.

#3 Lamb = Jesus became our Passover Lamb.


#4 Money Bag = Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. (This one has yet to come, because one mom was sick.)

#5 Sword = Judas led an angry mob of Jewish leaders to Jesus in the garden, and Peter cut off the ear of the High Priest’s slave. Jesus healed the ear.

#6 Crown of Thorns = A crown of thorns was placed on Jesus' head.

#7 Nails = Jesus was nailed to the cross.

#8 Garment = The Jews cast lots for Jesus’ clothes, which fulfilled prophecy.

#9 Cross = Jesus was crucified.


#10 The Temple Veil =The veil was torn in two from top to bottom at Jesus’ death.

#11 Three Crosses = Two criminals were crucified next to Jesus.

 #12 The Empty Tomb = He is risen!

How Will We Use Them?

Throughout the Lenten season, our new Resurrection Eggs will be out as a decoration and hands-on tool.  On Ash Wednesday, I plan to use the eggs to prompt my children in a spontaneous retelling of the Easter Story.  After that, we'll use them as a reminder to pray for some of our local friends as well as for other intentions.  And, besides that, we'll use them however the children decide to do so, which, no doubt, will include keeping a young friend of ours entertained.

(A friend of mine took this picture of her son as he played with the eggs on the day I received them.  So cute!)

However we use our eggs, I know they will dovetail beautifully with past hands-on tools we've used during this season, which include:

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Yes, our new Lenten Resurrection Eggs will be a welcome addition to some of our other family Lenten activities!  I am grateful to have participated in the swap.

What tools and traditions help you and the children in your life observe Lent?


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