Thursday, August 5, 2010

Awards and Belated Thank You's, Part 2

award smiley Pictures, Images and PhotosOn Tuesday, I promised to finish my Awards and Belated Thank You’s post by passing along brief descriptions and links to blogs I have recently found or rediscovered that I like.  As the best kind of promises are kept ones, I quite thankful to have a moment today (okay, a bunch of stolen moments over the past couple days) to keep that promise.

So, here goes:  Rule number 3:  Pass the award onto 15 bloggers whom you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!  

That makes 15 Versatile Bloggers, 15 Outstanding Bloggers, plus 1 blog I am Wild about that I have recently clicked on and that are now on my ever-increasing list of blogs to go back to when I have a moment

Versatile Bloggers

-An interest in workboxes led me to Rockin’ Granola, a fantastic blog with detailed inspiration for organization, crafts, simple living ideas, preschooling, etc.  Love it!

-A link to butterfly matching cards brought me to Mama Jenn, a truly versatile blog with homeschooling, A-Z activities, workboxing, crafts, printables, recipes, etc.

-A local homeschooling group link brought me to Deborah Jean’s Dandelion House, a blog I want to explore more for its fabulous ideas on homeschooling, home arts, recycling, gardening, photography and art.

-In the Heart of My Home is so well established that it needs no bloggie love award like this.  Yet, it is so comprehensive, it is one I think of when I think “versatile”.  Rich with cooking, prayers, faith, family, learning, nature…  It is a quintessential resource for Catholic Home educators and others, too!

-Summer Adventure Boxes was an idea I found and liked that brought me to Kinder Days, a blog I want to check out further with its focus on Five in a Row, Lapbooks, Learning Centers, Workboxes, etc. 

-A little bit of everything Catholic can be found on Conversion Diary, from the theoretical to the practical.  And, the 7 Quick Takes Friday carnival there is lots of fun, too.

-Falling upon “A Story + Art” led me to A Mommy’s Adventures, who began this fun blog carnival.  Since I love the idea and am inspired to do more stories and art than I already have been doing because of it, I wanted to award the blog here.  There are recipes and crafty stuff on it, too.  

-I recently stumbled upon Homeschooling the Chaotic Family and had to list it here because, although I have not delved too deeply into it, the list of categories is one that screams, “Bookmark and read when you have time” to me.  So many of my interests, concerns and ideals are reflected in it.

-Five in a Row and ABC research brought me to Delightful Learning, which I want to check out more for its many ideas on Nature Study, Tot School, Five in a Row books, ABC ideas, etc. 

-I recently stumbled upon Blue Yonder Ranch and the writer’s “about me” alone made me want to come back!  Eclectic, passionate, inspiring, fun… Science, Nature, recipes, crafts.  So much there! 

-Walking by the Way is an easy-to-navigate blog I found when looking at other folks’ activity bag ideas.  It is rich with ideas for reading, ABC’s, activity bags and lapbooking. 

-I originally found Seven Little Australians Plus One when looking for ideas about the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, but recently rediscovered it and recalled how much I wanted to explore on this blog, with ideas for nature study, Montessori, Reggio, the Liturgical year and so much more all written by a mom so much more experienced than I am!

-Not that a published author needs bloggie love awards, but Barbara Curtis’ blog is one I love when I have time to read it.  I found it through her wonderful Montessori-inspired preschool books and find myself enjoying it sometimes for its on-the-mark pieces on politics, culture, parenting and more.  Mommy Life is a blog with bite and wisdom, too! 

-I loved the Nature Based Play Yard I found at Earth Friendly Mama and am equally delighted by the Montessori, homesteading and other ideas.

-My interest in Reggio brought me to Amongst Lovely Things.  Its Seasonal Plans, Reggio and project based Learning, Relaxed Homeschooling and Gluten free made me want to linger.

Outstanding Bloggers

-I also recently rediscovered Gladdest Hours when trying to recall where I had seen stuff on making a Baptism Box.  I’m glad I did.  As I glance down its complete list of categories, I want to click-click-click!  

-Sew Liberated is a blog I just found again when looking for inspiration for toddler-friendly rooms.  I immediately remembered that it is a super resource for Montessori, recycling, crafting, tutorials, art, etc.

-Catholicism, Nature, Montessori, Real Life…  Wildflowers and Marbles has it all and I love it! 

-I have just discovered the fantastic, fun outdoor activity ideas at Let the Children Play.

-Circle Time, Story Time, Montessori, Play, Art…  The gentle The Wonder Years blog is one I have recently found inspirational for its simplicity, photos, thoughts and help when I am able to linger there. 

-A link to the incredible Book of Virtues download, which I am eager to dive into, brought me to Shiver Academy.  What a work to share! 

-Montessori topics brought me to the Homeschool Den, which is a good Mama-Educator blog with lots of free Montessori downloads, workboxing, etc. 

-I love books and Montessori, so 3 Readers Blog with detailed descriptions of Montessori activities and good related book reviews is helpful to browse.

-A common interest in SPD brought me to Our Out of Sync Life.  A fantastic place for inspiration, reflection, concrete ideas and the ABC Jesus Loves Me curriculum, which I need to check out further.

-Wow!  What a resource for Charlotte Mason aficionados and those interested in nature study and all things Outdoors Handbook of Nature Study is!  

-Counting Coconuts, especially with its play dough and sensory tub ideas, is a fantastic blog so full of photos of Montessori, craft, toddler and pre-k ideas. 
-An incredibly helpful resource for Montessorians is Montessori for Everyone, with detailed instructions and ideas and free downloads, too. 

-Helpful easy to navigate, full of big photos, tutorials, Montessori, craft and educational ideas…even a category list by age and stage.  I just love how Glue Sky does things! 

-Offering free paper dolls of saints and other figures, good insights and lots on Catholicism, I just love Paper Dali.

-As I look ahead to the coming school year, I know I will be checking out this blog more for our kitchen explorations and Saint Day teas: Catholic Cuisine

And one blog I am Wild About:

-Besides a Montessori school or a Reggio school, if there were one pre-school I would send my kids to for a few days a week (if I had money), it would be a Nest in Nature, a local place that offers gentle learning, lots of creativity and a ton of outdoor time!  Marcia, who runs it and who I have yet to meet in person, has a delightful blog full of inspiring photos, reflections and ideas about nature, art, green living and embracing the beauty of the child within each of us.  I think others will love visiting Child in Harmony

Now there are many others that I might list here, since lots more folks definitely deserve kudos for their wonderful writing, inspirational ideas and selfless sharing.  So I am glad that “bloggie love” awards like the ones above are so inclusive, not exclusive, by the very nature that they are passed on...Truly, I am constantly amazed and grateful for the wonderfully diverse and delightful community we share here online.  One and all, thank you.

This post is linked to Thankful Thursday at Women Taking a Stand, another rich blog folks should check out!



Mama Jenn said...

Thank you so very much for the award!!! I really appreciate it!!!

Denise said...

Congrats on your awards.

Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

Thanks so much! I'm honored to be among such great company!

Rita T. said...

Award congratulations!

Unknown said...

My goodness! What a fun surprise to come home too! We've been away on vacation and here I am winning blog awards while my toes are wiggling in the sand!
I'm honored... and I look so forward to checking out the other's who have made your list of Versatile Bloggers!
Thank you again and Dandelion Wishes to you!
Deborah Jean!

Michelle said...

Thank you so much for passing this award on to me. I am so glad that you enjoy my blog and I am looking forward to checking out the other blogs that you have chosen to pass this award on to also!

montessori_lori said...

Thank you so much for the award! So glad that you like our blog and free downloads!

Heidi said...

Wow! Thanks so much. We would love to have everyone come visit us at Our Out-of-Sync Life and ABC Jesus Loves Me!

Barb said...

Thanks for thinking of my blog for the award. I appreciate your kind words.


Counting Coconuts said...

*blushing* Thank you so much for passing this award onto me and for your very kind words about my blog!

You have a lovely blog and you're doing so many wonderful things here. I just became a follower so I can keep up with all you do!

Counting Coconuts

michelle said...

Wow what a great list! Congrats to you! And thank you so much for considering me. =) It is a bright spot in my day and I am looking forward to checking out your blog. =)

Unknown said...

I'm thrilled with my award - but just as thrilled to find such a great list of blogs to investigate!

marcia said...

Thank you for the WILD ABOUT YOUR BLOG award . I appreciate it.

My A NEST IN NATURE preschool will take a new direction this fall..into
*Parent and Child Gatherings*
~ art
~ crafting
~ animals
~ nature play
~ nature walks
~ free choice play
~ conversation and tea

For children birth to five WITH their parents... in a waldorf, reggio and natural learning flavor.

I'm very excited about this. And i still have my Earth School as well.

happy day!

Paper Dali said...

Oh, how very nice of you to think of Paper Dali. And, wow, what awesome company. :)


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