Sunday, September 18, 2022

Pray for Us as We Join the Pilgrimage of the Restoration

Later this week part of my family will be joining a brigade from our parish, students from Thomas More College of Liberal Arts, and scores of other pilgrims in the Pilgrimage of the Restoration, a traditional walking pilgrimage modeled after the annual Pentecost Pilgrimage to Notre-Dame de Chartres, France which will take a 60+ mile route from the Lake of the Blessed Sacrament at Lake George Village, NY to the Shrine of Our Lady’s Martyrs of New France at Auriesville, NY .

The pilgrimage is now in its 27th year, and, this year, will have a theme of
Restoring True Devotion to Mary, through Total Consecration of St. Louis de Montfort.  

As it has always each year, the pilgrimage will be
 "an exercise of penance and prayer, of contradiction and restoration, having both a personal and social character" with an intention of "restoration of the Catholic family, civil society and the specifically Roman spiritual and liturgical tradition".

Since this will be the first walking pilgrimage that anyone in our family has ever been on, we are a bit nervous about personal logistics, how to pack, and, to be honest, actually being able to complete the pilgrimage. Yet, we are also excited for this opportunity, impressed with the support the pilgrimage organizers provide on their website and blog, and confident that organizers, volunteers, and fellow pilgrims will work together to make this year's pilgrimage a successful one. 

If you would like to join us by jumping on as a last-minute pilgrim, you can register as a walk-on for the whole pilgrimage at the starting point or register as a Sunday-only pilgrim for the final day.

We would also appreciate any and all friends to participate from home and/or to join is in praying this prayer daily:

Pilgrim’s Prayer Pilgrimage for Restoration 2022
To be recited, at the request of Pilgrimage Chaplains, each day by every pilgrim: for the intentions of all pilgrims, for sinners everywhere, for the grace to make pilgrimage worthily together, and for the intentions of the Holy Father, Pope Francis & for all our spiritual Fathers & Mothers in Christ. 
My Lord and my God, take from me whatever keeps me from Thee. My Lord and my God, grant me whatever brings me to Thee. My Lord and my God, take my self, to live wholly in Thee.
~St. Nicholas of Flüe, 1447-1487

Thank you for for praying in union with us as we make our pilgrimage of penance, prayer, and singing to God for restoration.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Get a Homeschool Science Membership for the Whole Family {A Greg Landry's Homeschool Science/Homeschool Review Crew Review}

 Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

What happens when a former college professor and veteran homeschool dad spends about two decades teaching thousands of homeschooled students and hundreds of college students in the U.S. and worldwide Science? Whole families get to reap the benefits of Grade 1-12 Science resources with practical, self-paced courses as a part of Greg Landry's Homeschool Science Membership from Greg Landry's Homeschool Science.

Our family was introduced to Greg Landry's in 2021 when my son opted to review a half-semester Biochemistry and Microbiology class. Having met with success with that course, but then veered away from Science studies while concentrating on other things, my son has now returned to Greg Landry's Homeschool Science as he works to complete his high school Science credits.

When I asked him to write out his thoughts for this review, he shared the following.
What Is this Product?

A Greg Landry's Homeschool Science Membership includes access to courses for Grades 1-12, including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy and Physiology, and online labs. Each high school level course contains pre-recorded video lessons and a pdf workbook. The workbooks have worksheets, note taking, and diagrams

Why Did I Choose this Product?

I paused my Science studies for a while and now want to finish all of my Science credits in one year. So, I chose Greg Landry's Science, because it has both sciences I need in one place which allows me to get used to the program and then use it through both programs instead of jumping to different ones as I usually do.

When I took Greg Landry's Science before, I found that lessons were easy to complete and more importantly to me, not time consuming. Unlike with other programs I have used, I can speed up and slow down the videos, which allows me to take things at my own pace.

This is a feature I like about these courses.

How Do Lessons Flow?

Let me take you through the process of a lesson. First you log onto your Canvas account, open the course you want, open the next video lesson in it, and grab some paper or the special note taking sheets Greg Landry provides if you have opted to print them out. Then, while watching the video, you take notes. After this you complete the worksheets and can also do corresponding labs from the online labs access.

Would I Recommend this Product?

I have recently realized that I prefer in-person lessons over online ones for subjects such as Science, so while Greg Landry Science is not my absolute favorite style of program, I still find it reliable and easy to use. It gets the job done, and, for this reason, I would recommend it to any high school age homeschool student and their parents who don’t have access or time for in person learning

Learn More

Greg Landry Homeschool Science

Greg Landry's Homeschool Science Membership offers you and your family access to over $4500 (if purchased separately) of Science and Virtual Labs for grades 1-12 plus things for Mom and Dad. For students in grades six or above, the courses can typically be self-paced with little parent involvement.

My approach to using the high school courses with my son is to let him watch videos, take notes, use the pdfs, etc. as he wishes to and, then, to check up on him by browsing his notes binder and using the optional downloadable True or False tests and require the online labs as well.

I am happy to be able to have my son finish his Science credits at his own now-quickened pace with Greg Landry's Science and recommend 
Greg Landry's Homeschool Science Membership as an effective resource that makes Science accessible for your family to pace through as needed. With monthly membership payments that decrease every six months, Greg Landry can become your Science "easy button".

Self Paced Online Homeschool Science Labs

Ten Homeschool Review Crew families have been blessed to review Greg Landry's Homeschool Science MembershipClick through to find reviews of each family's experience.

You might also like some of the free resources Greg Landry offers.

Sunday, September 11, 2022

When Your Child Goes Off to School, Pray

This past week, we moved through a milestone that most other families have experienced by the time their children are in middle and high school: sending a child off to school on a bus.

For my child, it was not that big a deal. For me, it was... hard. So hard. Even harder than dropping the same child off at school in the days prior. As I walked away from the bus stop, tears welled in my eyes and prayers in my heart. I prayed the Guardian Angel prayer, as I do every morning, but that morning I did so with far more urgency and emotion:
Angels of God, our guardians dear, to whom God's love commits us here, ever this day be at our side, to light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen.

Then, I began to pray spontaneous prayers, and, when I sat down at my computer, shared the following prayer that came to me so that friends who are sending their kids off to school might pray it, too. Perhaps you'd like to join us in praying it:
Dear God, please guard the heart, mind, and body of my child today and that of all her peers and those around her. Bring them safely to, through, and from their school. Encourage them to be filled with honor and respect and to be positive influences on one another's character. Protect them physically, emotionally, and spiritually, Lord. Inspire teachers and staff to speak and act in truth and kindness. Move peers to encourage one another and build one another up academically, emotionally, spiritually... Let all of them look to do small thing with great love, be courageous when they need to be, and be filled with peace and joy. Shield their eyes and ears from anything that would lead them into harm’s way or away from faith in You. As you always do, Lord, please use all things together for good. In Jesus' name, we pray. Lord, we trust in you. Amen.

May all school children, teachers, and staff be blessed with grace and mercy.


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