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20 Simple Ways to Learn and Celebrate with St. Catherine of Siena

Saint Catherine of Siena's feast day is April 29 - tomorrow.

If, like me, you're in a busier-than-expected, with-a-few-curve-balls-thrown-in season of life, then perhaps one of the quick and easy ideas I've brainstormed for my own family to celebrate St. Catherine this year or in years to come will resonate with you.

Watch a Fast and Fun Biography

If you and your family are unfamiliar with St. Catherine of Siena's story, this snappy biography provides a fast, fun overview of her life that could lead you on plenty of bunny trails for research, conversation, etc.

Watch a St. Catherine of Siena Animation

Looking for some time to snuggle up with your kiddoes with some popcorn? Or, perhaps you need to employ a "video babysitter" while you get a few things done. In either case, this free animation could work on St. Catherine of Siena's feast day!

This one could be good, too:

Copy and Decorate a St. Catherine of Siena Quote

Many rich and meaningful quotes are attributed to St. Catherine of Siena - some of which are collected on GoodReads.  Choose one to copy beautifully and, then, decorate it, perhaps with symbols of St. Catherine, such as a heart, a cross, a ring, stigmata, or a lily.
Enjoy a Picture Study

Iconography and artworks related to St. Catherine of Siena abound. Choose one or two to study or look for common symbols among a handful.

Create Your Own Artwork or Color a Free St. Catherine of Siena Printable

After studying famous artworks related to St. Catherine of Siena, create your own. Or, if you prefer, simply paint or color a free coloring page:

Enjoy a Poet-Tea Inspired by St. Catherine of Siena

St. Catherine of Siena was the granddaughter of a poet, and her life has inspired poets since.

Enjoy a Poet-tea by setting some tea and treats on the table and reading poetry inspired by St. Catherine's life and works:

You might even try to write some of your own.

Balance Prayer and Service

St. Catherine's life was a balance between prayer and service.  It seems Jesus sent her on missions of mercy through her times of contemplative prayers.

Consider what the balance of prayer and works of mercy is like in your life. Are you taking time to pray? Are you doing the works that God wants you to do and not the ones that are your will alone?

Pause and pray for some moments today. Ask our Lord to let you know who and how He would like you to serve next and, then, act on it.

Write and Encouraging Letter

Although St. Catherine was neither wealthy nor well-educated, she wrote influential letters.

Think of someone you know who could use advice or encouragement and, then, write them a friendly letter.

Read about St. Catherine

There are many brief biographies about St. Catherine available for free online.  You could also read a selection from one of these books:

Have a Stigmata Snack

Prepare a stigmata snack, which can be almost any food with five sliced tomatoes or strawberries placed atop it in the shape of stigmata.

While eating it, recall what stigmata are and that St. Catherine was one of the saints that suffered stigmata. Perhaps, recall other saints that have suffered stigmata.

Pray for and Write to a Nurse or Firefighter

St. Catherine of Siena is patron of nurses and firefighters, among other people and things.

Pause and pray for any nurses or firefighters you might know, or, if you do not know any, for those that live within your community.

Write a letter of thanks of encouragement to them. Or, drop some healthy snacks off to you local fire department or nurse's station.

Perhaps begin making a habit of praying an Emergency Vehicles Prayer.

Bake Bread for the Poor

St. Catherine had a huge heart for the poor and was said to have baked bread daily for the poor of Siena. Take her lead and make some bread to share with the poor in your community.

Or bake some bread to give to someone who is poor in spirit and might just need a lift.

Make and Invisible Rings Dessert

Recalling St. Catherine's mystical marriage, make a dessert with "rings" in it.  Pineapple upside down cake like that on Catholic Cuisine could be a fun choice.

Pray the Collect

Pray the Collect:

O God, who set Saint Catherine of Siena on fire with divine love in her contemplation of the Lord's Passion and her service or your Church, grant, through her intercession, that your people, participating in the mystery of Christ, may ever exult in the revelation of his glory. Who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, on God, for ever and ever.

Enjoy and Italian Meal
St. Catherine of Siena was from Italy, so it's a perfect day for Italian cooking, particulary anything from the Tucany region.

Do a Heart Craft

St. Catherine was said to have had an exchange of hearts with Jesus. Recalling this, create a heart-shaped craft and talk about how we can turn our hearts toward Jesus.

Do Extra Cho

As a young child, Catherine had a vision of Jesus and decided she was called to serve Christ in a way besides marriage. So, she began isolating herself in her large room to pray. Her parents did not understand this and wanted her to marry and have children, but Catherine was adamant about her call. Thus, Catherine cut off her hair to prove that she didn’t want to get married. (All girls then had long hair.)

Catherine's actions made her parents angry, so Catherine was made to do all the chores in her home. Like Catherine, quietly do extra chores in your own home

Invite the Holy Spirit to Move You and Those Around You

One day after Catherine's parents had begun having her do all the chores in the household, Catherine’s father saw her with a dove resting on her shoulder. He took that as a sign of the Holy Spirit, and, henceforth, allowed Catherine to pursue her goals.

Pray that the Holy Spirit might move you and your loved ones closer to your calls.
Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love. Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created. And You shall renew the face of the earth. 

O, God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit, did instruct the hearts of the faithful, grant that by the same Holy Spirit we may be truly wise and ever enjoy His consolations, Through Christ Our Lord, Amen.

Counsel Leaders for Peace 

St. Catherine of Siena was an advocate for peace, and, as such, wrote letters to royalty and popes.

Call, write, or otherwise contact a community or political leader with suggestions for peace. Alternately, think about one problem that you believe exists in the Church and suggestions for dealing with it.  Then, write to Pope Francis with your ideas.  You might do similarly with local priest and bishops, too.

Hop on an Historical Bunny Trail

Some of St. Catherine's siblings died due to the plague.

St. Catherine played a role during the Great Western Schism in Church History.

The Avignon Papacy is not something everyone recalls.

As you read about St. Catherine, hop down any bunny trail that strikes you to learn more about history.

Chat about the 

St. Catherine of Siena is one of the incorrupt saints, however, the story of her remains is macabre. For those who like this sort of thing, it can make an interesting bunny trail.

St. Catherine of Siena, pray for us.

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This Art and Tech Win Is 45% Off Right Now! {A Techie Homeschool Mom Famous Artists Online Unit Study Review}

Where do art, tech, convenience, and engagement intersect?

 Techie Homeschool Mom

With the Famous Artists Online Unit Study (Vol. 1) from Techie Homeschool Mom!

If you're looking for a way to mix things up a little this spring or maybe thinking ahead to next year and want to try something new, then Techie Homeschool Mom could be your answer!

As we've been experiencing with 
the Famous Artists Online Unit Study (Vol. 1), an Online Unit Study by Techie Homeschool Mom can be a fun, convenient, and engaging way to breathe no-stress life into your homeschool studies with little prep from you and no investment in books and much extra supplies.

Truly, you just begin to click and learn - as over 8000 other homeschool families around the world are doing - and, until May 4, you can save up to 45% on select courses and bundles that have no "finish by" date with no coupon code required.

Art Lovers Will Enjoy It!

If you've got children who enjoy art, then Famous Artists Online Unit Study (Vol. 1) will appeal through its focus on different artists and artistic movements and, also, of course, creating your own art.

The artists and movements that the program includes are:

  • Leonardo Davinci: Renaissance
  • John James Audubon: Realism
  • Claude Monet: Impressionism
  • Paul Cezanne: Post-Impressionism
  • Georges Seurat: Pointillism
  • Gustav Klimt: Art Nouveau
  • Henri Matisse: Fauvism
  • Wassily Kandinsky: Expressionism
  • Pablo Picasso: Cubism
  • Salvador Dali: Surrealism
In learning about each of these, you will, first, watch a video describing the art movement in which the artist studied. While doing so, you'll be encouraged to take notes in a Google Doc, but, can, of course, take notes on paper or in any way you wish.  (The course is self-paced, non-graded, and adaptable!)

Then, you'll listen to an audio file or watch a video about the life of a famous artist from the period of art you've just learned about.  While doing this, you'll be asked to choose a handful of facts about the artist's life to add to your notes.

For your next segment of study, you'll look at artwork created by the artist, learning more about specific pieces and leaving comments and.or posting on Instagram or Pinterest if you wish.

Having learned about an art movement and focused on a particular artist and his works, you'll then be asked to create your own unique piece of related art using materials you have at home or can easily obtain and adding an offscreen, hands-on element to an otherwise digital study.

Finally, for the last portion of each segment of the unit study, you will create a slideshow using a free online tool called Emaze. This slideshow will be created completely online (not requiring special software on your computer nor taking up your computer's memory space!) and will help you consolidate and share your learning.

So, as you can see, you'll be immersed in art history, picture study, and creating your own art and presentations when using the Famous Artists Online Unit Study (Vol. 1)  A win for those who like art - like my daughter and me.

Techies Will Delight in This Online Unit Study!

If you have children that may not love art, but do like all things techie, then the tech aspect of the Famous Artists Online Unit Study (Vol. 1) can draw them in. It will also, of course, appeal to those who like art and techie stuff - like my oldest son.

As an online unit study, the entir
e course - except the actual hands-on art project that you create when studying each paired artist and art movement - is delivered in an easy-to-use E-course format that requires no additional books nor print resources, leads you to well-curated and safe additional links, and encourages you to use free online tools for notetaking and presentations.

Your studies take place online, using any device you own to access a clean, user-friendly website that clearly lays out what you need to do to learn with the study, where you are at in it, and what is upcoming.

The study, as I have already mentioned, also guides and encourages you in taking online notes, using tools like Emaze to create online slideshows, and, if desired, suggests you share your work online on Instagram and Pinterest.

My children - especially my 13-year-old son - loved the techie aspect of Famous Artists Online Unit Study (Vol. 1); I appreciated that the course was so well designed and laid out, with safe information and links; and we all enjoyed learning about some new-to-us online tools like Emaze and having templates already prepared for us by Techie Homeschool Mom so we could be up and running with the new tool in short order.

It's Incredibly Convenient!

If you've been reading this blog regularly lately, you'll know I recently underwent a surgery and had some other challenges converge around the same time. Nothing too dire, mind you, but enough to throw regular routines, life, and learning off and to make me even more appreciative than ever of learning that is low-stress and convenient for my children and I, without requiring too much of me. 

Famous Artists Online Unit Study (Vol. 1) is just that - no stress, no squabbles, nothing needed from me but to have the children turn on a device, pick up where they left off, enjoy learning, and, sometimes, gather materials for us to try our hands at some art projects together.

Better still, the course creator "gets" how homeschool life can be and has designed the course and its delivery with some fabulous convenience in mind:

  • The unit study is written for children in mid-elementary through middle school who can read and navigate the Internet on their own, but can also be used with younger children and developing readers with assistance and, in my opinion, can be used by older students (like me!), too. So, it's a program an entire family can enjoy together.
  • The course is self-paced, starting when you first log in and ending when you want it, too. There is no pressure to get it all done before a subscription ends, so, when life happens, you can simply pause the study and pick it up again when you have time. Access is unlimited for as long as you like and across all devices you own.
  • There are no downloads and no major printing involved.  (For moms like me trying to unbury themselves from landslides of paper, this is huge!)
  • Modules within the course take 2-3 hours to complete in total, but are delivered in bite-size chunks that can fit into short time frames or done one right after the other when you have more time. A sidebar with the course contents and progress helps you always pick up where you left off or jump ahead and back as desired.

  • All the planning is done for you, so you can truly just log in and go, without having to do anything but gather supplies for the hands-on art projects. No losing time in previewing a ton of online videos, audios, and text trying to rule  out twaddle, inaccuracies, or worse.  Just open, click, and learn with a safe, well-designed lessons containing well-curated material.

I just love when a homeschool product delivers quality learning in a clear, convenient way that can flow with the realities of life as it unfolds without causing any extra stress. All learning (and fun!) and no pressure.  That's a huge appeal of 
the Famous Artists Online Unit Study (Vol. 1 )  for me.

It Engages Different Ages!

While my children could have easily work on Famous Artists Online Unit Study (Vol. 1 ) on their own, because I wanted to learn alongside them  -and, okay, also because of that real life thing happenings with  a portion of our review period finding us down to one device in our home due to a hard drive failure on one computer, a video card failure on another, no smartphone, and a lost charger for a Kindle,  I asked them to complete the first two modules mostly with me. As we did so, I found myself as engaged in the content as they were.

The well-curated and embedded videos, audios, graphics, and links reviewed things I already knew about some of the artists and movements, while also adding new facts and concepts in.  They also kept me - a person who sometimes prefers book in hand and offscreen learning - interested by switching up how content was delivered - visually, auditorily, etc. - even if all on-screen.

My tech-loving 13-year-old, my not-always-into-online-yet-art-loving 11-year-old, and my chill 8-year-old all stayed engaged with each module portion we did together and enjoyed our lessons.


All of my children liked Famous Artists Online Unit Study (Vol. 1 )

My 8-year-old said:
We used it with my mom or with just us kids together.

We go to the website and read about artists, look at fine art works, take pictures off websites and put them in our gallery, and create art, like a parody on the Mona Lisa.
It's easy to use and my favorite part is making the art. I have studied some of the artists and time periods before, but (the program) still taught me some things. I did not know much about the bird guy John Audubon. 
I will keep using the program. I would recommend it to people who like art and online programs.

My 11-year-old said:
I am enjoying it. 
One of my favorite part is the slideshows that we make on Emaze. I think it's cool that it is so simple to make them, but they still look professional. They also help us put our knowledge and our own art into the slide show.

Powered by emaze

I also think it is nice that the program tells you what to put in each part of the slide show. For example, there is the time period, the artist, some of the works the artist did, and then some of your work based off the artist and his works. It makes it more entertaining. 

In the program, the woman presents material, has us understand it and create, and then, has us do the slideshow. 
Now, wait one minute: I just realized she's like our mom. She uses the same teaching style. Oh no! But she is not my mom, so it's more fun. 

I would recommend this to kids around my age, because you can do it by yourself or with your family, which makes it convenient for you and your mom, dad, or whoever is teaching you.

It cracked me up when my daughter recognized my own teaching style - of presenting new information, having kids identify it and dive into it, then having them create their own things using it or teach others about it - in the style of the course. It also made me realize why I like the Famous Artists Online Unit Study (Vol. 1) from Techie Homeschool Mom even more.

My 13-year-old said:

Famous Artists Online is good. You learn about an art period, then an artist in the period. Then, you make related art and create a slideshow. 

I like how you get to make the slideshows and I like making the art.

Our family has studied art and history before, so some of the material I already knew about, but I learned things, too. For example, I learned that James John Audubon was not the best at school, but was good at art, hunting, and dancing. I like facts like this, because it makes it easier for me to relate to the artists.

The biggest appeal  of this program for me is making the slideshows. I enjoy being better at something than my parents. (My mom is not good at computers! My dad is not that good either.) I also just like doing stuff with computers.
I like that this program is not exactly it's own entire thing, but gives you selected links to other sites and tools to allow you to learn and create. It is convenient and put together well. 

I really liked learning how to use Emaze to presenting some of what I learned.

Um, yes, my boy is honest to a fault, calling out my lack of techie prowess. He is also astute to notice how well Techie Homeschool Mom curates excellent links and tools to enhance and guide the online study she has written. It truly appeals to my family and just plain works!

Final Thoughts

It's pretty obvious that we went from not knowing Techie Homeschool Mom to becoming fans through our review of Famous Artists Online Unit Study (Vol. 1).

The study is a well-written one for learning about famous artists and movements and for creating your own projects, too.  it does not requires only a device that can connect online and some basic art supplies. 

It is not overly challenging, yet still packs in plenty of learning and reinforcement - not just about art, but also about history, nature, note taking, report creation, technical tools, etc.

Most importantly to me, it is fun, easy-to-use, and worthwhile.

Plus, you don't need to be a techie whiz to use 
Famous Artists Online Unit Study (Vol. 1), because Techie Homeschool Mom has done all the "heavy lifting" for you, so you can enjoy a lighter load as your children learn independently or together with you. Without hesitation, I recommend this course!

Learn More

You can follow Techie Homeschool Mom  on social media on FacebookTwitterPinterestYouTube and Instagram.

And the best part is that right now, you can save up to 45% on Online Unit Studies, including the already discounted bundles. Visit Techie Homeschool Mom to see the full selection of online courses for homeschooling and get started with engaging, convenient, and on-point online learning today!

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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Let the Rejoicing Begin

He is risen.

He is risen, indeed! Alleluia!

Easter is upon us with its 50 days of celebration and rejoicing.

That's right.

Fifty days!

Not one.

Not just this single day.

But an entire season to focus ourselves on rejoicing and celebrating... on remembering that we are an Easter people.

We now the end of the story.

Jesus may have died on the cross and his body may have been put in a tomb, but He is risen!

He is risen, indeed!
And no matter how imperfect... how not-quite-understanding-everything... how all-too-human in faith and action that we as the followers of Christ may be, the Resurrection has changed our lives.

Like Christ's original followers, we, too, may experience the amazing magnitude and mission of the Resurrection - to let it inflame our hearts and to
 live Christ.

Yes, to live Christ!

To be ignited in faith, hope, and love and to carry Christ's light into any dark place that we may encounter. 

Whether the darkness be in our own minds and hearts or in the experience of those around us, Christ is with us and can help us banish the darkness.

For Christ died for us and He rose for us. He has invited us to experience a share in His love.

His love which conquered death.  

His love, which - in us and through us - can certainly illuminate any dark places in our lives and set the world aflame with love, with joy, and with zeal.

So, no matter how you are feeling as you end this Easter Sunday, even if you are feeling wholly tired as I am, I pray that, like me, you are also feeling wholly charged to seek and spread Christ's love.

With gratitude, amazement, rejoicing, celebration... may you have blessed and beautiful Eastertide, journeying with joy. 

He is alive!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Enjoy Flexible Family Science with Ease {A CrossWired Science Review}

{Some links which follow may be affiliate ones.}

If you are looking for an engaging, original resource for online science learning that encourages offline learning and can easily adapt to almost any style of homeschooling, CrossWired Science is worth looking at.

CrossWired Science intergrates multiple fields of science - and other things - to help learners make connections while also glorifying God. It comes as a yearly digital subscription and has two Global Topics available at this time - Sound and Fluid Dynamics - with more content being added soon.

The program is self-paced and geared for students from ages 4-18 with elements that will appeal to and challenge every age, so families can all be on the "same science page." 

Despite the wide age range, Science terminology used in the program is NOT watered down. Concepts are simply taught with plenty of interesting similes, connections, etc. to keep everyone engaged!

My Children and I Appreciate the CrossWired Science Approach

Due to the unique approach of CrossWired Science, I was excited to excited to be part of the review team that tested a beta version of the program.

Initially, my intent was to have each of my children use
 CrossWired Science individually and to, sometimes, use it together as a family, but, unfortunately, our two computers died just as we began our review, so we ended up opting to use just one log in and to do CrossWired Science for now with the hand-me-down computer a friend generously gave us.

That worked well, and, as you will see in just as a second, some of my children are looking forward to having their own logins, soon.

My oldest son, age 13, had this to say:

CrossWired Science is a science curriculum with lots of cool videos, experiments, and other things that you can use to learn about sound and fluid at the moment - with more to come. 
I enjoyed the videos, because the hosts were good at explaining things and there were quizzes afterward. I liked the quiz that was beneath the videos, because it was a simple quiz so taking it was kind of like a game.  (I did not like the other quizzes that were on worksheets, because I don't like to write and, when my Mom did it orally, it was boring.) 
A few things I learned were: 
  • Whales have long-distance calls.
  • Dolphins can jump really, really high.
  • You hear by tiny hairs waving around in your ear behind your eyes.
As you can see, I learned different things. CrossWired Science is not all just about one thing it is meant to be teaching, but puts many things together. 
I would like to keep using it with my own account, not with my Mom, so I could watch and explore by myself.
I would recommend CrossWired Science who like science and want a non-traditional way to learn it.
I just love that my son appreciates the inter-connected ideas that CrossWired Science presents. It's actually one of the reasons I like the program, too: it recognizes that we learn best when we are able to make connections rather than studying things in isolation and truly brings a wide array of knowledge together under a single Global Topic.

In fact, the eight fun, information-packed videos under Sound explore: What Sound Is, Sound Transfer through Solids, Liquids & Gases, Ultrasound, Infrasound, Decibels, Microphones, Vocal Cords, Voice Making, Larynx, Baby Cries, How Ears Work, Cochleas, Sonograms, Speakers, Hearing and Sound Making in Various Animals and Insects,  Lion Roars, Alligator Infrasound, the History of Sonar, Dolphin Sonar, Bat Sonar, Orienting by (non-sonar) Sound, Syrinx, Bird Songs and Calls, Whale Songs, Elephant Infrasound, Ultrasound Devices, Ceramic Piezoelectric Crystals, Piezoelectric Speakers, Sonar, Laser Sound Transmission, Musical Instruments and more.
Of course, some of these are just brushed upon, but all are tied together well, and between explanations and animations so much can be learned and retained! Plus, other parts of the subscription site offer places to dig deeper. How cool is it that
CrossWired Science ignites interest across such a broad spectrum of facts and subjects!

My daughter, 11, had this to say:
CrossWired Science is an online curriculum.  You can learn about two things right now: fluids or sound. 
We chose to learn about sound first. 
After you click on the sound icon, there are lots of little videos that you can watch and there are experiments and other things. 
What we did was watch the videos first. 
After you watch the videos, there is a test underneath it to see how much you actually retained from the videos. 
Some cool facts that I learned about from these videos are:
  • Did you know that whales can communicate from America to England? That's a loooong way!
  • Did you also know that there can be hundreds of bats in a cave, but they will not crash into each other because they each have their own wavelength of sonar?
  • Also, did you know the way we hear things is because there are tons of hairs in our ears and each of those hairs has microscopic hairs on top of it. Some open and close.  That's how we hear things.
I found CrossWired Science a fun and enjoyable science curriculum so far. I want to continue it and recommend it to parents like my mom who have high stress levels because the curriculum is low-stress for parents.

And, yes, it made me laugh when she recommended the program to parents like me who "have high stress levels" because it is such a low-stress program. 

I try not to live in a highly stressed state, nor to allow my children to sense when I am under stress, but, sometimes live just piles things on - healing from a surgery, computers dying, a hard drive with all files being lost, taxes being due... You know, life stuff!  As humans, we have to deal with a lot of it - sometimes all at once.  As homeschoolers, we have the extra challenge of still attending to our children's education and formation in faith. So, having resources to make doing that easy is key!

CrossWired Science makes family Science learning so easy!  Just open the website, point the mouse, click, then enjoy the videos. Take a quiz. Chat. Browse other sections of the site for ideas for experiments, games, devotionals, field trip ideas, etc. if you like... Varied, interesting, and easy, igniting curiosity and teaching new concepts! That's my kind of Science program.

Finally, my youngest child, at eight, had this to say:
CrossWired Science is a science program that teaches two types of science so far - fluid and hearing. 
We decided to do hearing after watching the first video (of both fluid and hearing).  I kind of wanted to choose fluid, so I will probably to that later.
We watched the videos together and I liked them. They were not too long, but not too short. The hosts related sound to a lot of things like a football field, a gun shot, and airplanes. They connected stuff they were teaching about to animals and more. It made it interesting.

CrossWired Science is not really traditional, because you don't study one thing at a time with one assignment after another after another. Instead, you can watch different videos, do experiments, read, go on field trips, ...
I would like to use this for science more. I recommend it to others, because it is not boring and you can learn a lot.

I agree with my youngest. Even at is nascent stage, 
CrossWired Science already had so much information and appeal. We have been enjoying it as a fresh, fun approach to family Science learning with a Christian worldview.

How Does the Program Work

When using 
CrossWired Science, there are two options to choose when studying each Global Topic: one meant for "first timers" and one for "second timers".  That way, families that have studied a topic can cycle back around to it a second time, reviewing material while also discovering new information.

Within each Global Topic are eight core videos, which vary in length, but are definitely short enough for a "Morning Time" or "Afternoon Basket" family study time as we used them.

Following each video, there is a short online multiple-choice quiz that gets automatically graded. You can also find printable worksheets with questions that test knowledge with more than multiple-choice and have keys in the teacher's section of the program.

Plus, of course, older children are encouraged to take notes, jotting down key facts and cool ideas that they learn about. (And cool things are aplenty in the jam-packed videos!)

After the first four jam-packed core videos, there are buttons that can be clicked on which take you to suggestions and directions for other learning and experiences, then, there are four more videos, before more other learning buttons.

The other learning includes:

  1. Experiments: Directions for a variety of experiments are presented. Some require only household supplies while others require purchased items. All experiments are optional, but, of course, doing some is worthwhile.
  2. General Links: These are typically embedded YouTube videos related in some way to topics in the Core Videos. There is enough information here to view over a full week, I'd say, if you decide to view everything.
  3. Unit Links: These are divided into three different levels and provide bunny trails that are loosely connected to main material.
  4. U-Choose: These are suggestions for hands-on projects and activities.
  5. Field Trips: These are suggested field trips to help reinforce or learn more about the topic. Some are no-brainers (museums and outdoor excursions) and some are only for those with high budgets (like cruises!), but others are what I'd consider helpful ideas.
  6. Reinforcement: There are suggestions for a wide age range to reinforce ideas.
  7. Research: The company sees that there is "an unprecedented amount of information being added to the 'the world’s data base' every year" and wishes to encourage students to "glean the precious from the worthless" as a needed skill.
  8. Reading: There are a wide range of suggested reading programs focused on a different styles/age ranges (so fellow book lovers will LOVE this section!)
  9. Gold Digs: Oodles of small pieces are offered here to help students forge connections between main concepts and other interesting ideas that go in all sorts of directions. Short assessments follow each, with differences in difficulty for first and second time user paths. There are also printable worksheets.
  10. Digging Deeper: This is like the previous section, but with topics more directly related to the main concepts of the unit.
  11. Devotions: These are short essays that relate in some way to the main concepts.

All of these things, though ordered on the screen, can be clicked in and out of at any point, so homeschoolers that like structure, can use the on-screen order and a suggested course of study calendar found elsewhere on the program site, and, those who lean towards the delight-directed, can browse and go as desired. CrossWired Science is truly flexible enough to meet both types of homeschool styles - structured and freewheeling.

No matter what style you use for homeschooling, 
CrossWired Science will teach real science while also showing the glory of God through what He has made and through come content that is explicitly designed as devotional(mostly in the Digging Deeper and Gold Dig sections). This "God-connection" allows you to use the program as a stand-alone curriculum that glorifies God or as a supplement to any other Science curriculum that may be lacking in a "God-element". 

It can also work as a full, stand alone curriculum for three months of science with its current content, and, then, with several more additions coming soon, as a full year of Science content. Finally, when all planned content has been added to the program, 
CrossWired Science will offer six years worth of Science content.

Who Can Benefit from CrossWired Science?

Obviously, our family has been enjoying being on the ground floor as 
CrossWired Science is being built.  It's been fun for us to dive into the first Global Topic and to check back with the site often to see what new content has been added. (More is being added all the time!) Thus, we would recommend 
CrossWired Science to other Christian families that would like an eclectic, fun, and easy way to learn about science that truly connects multiple fields and is growing in content every week.

Parents will like that 
CossWired Science offers:
  • one easy, inexpensive place to find online science learning geared toward multiple age levels.
  • enrichment materials and activities to dig into at your own pace.
  • progress that parents can note, including graded quizzes.
  • a wide array of experiments.
  • content that allows for creativity in approach and use.
  • adaptability for your unique homeschool style and schedule.

Using the program, students can:
  • integrate computers, science, and the real world, making oodles of connections between science, other topics, and, of course, the glory of God's creation
  • enjoy fascinating information, activities, experiments, and more.
  • hop onto bunny trails with connected delight-based exploration
  • deepen awareness of God's love, beauty, power, and intelligence while noting the amazing design of creation
  • continually reinforce and build on concepts

CrossWired Science, even at the beginning stages it is at with only two main content areas so far - Sound and Fluid Dynamics - does a commendable job at balancing the digital world with the world outside. It uses technology to teach concepts and pique student interest, then, it encourages students to go out and actually experience and learn more in the real world - and it does all this in a family-friendly, God-glorifying, cross-age way at an economical price: Now under $30 annually, plus $10 for each additional student subscription, when you use this affiliate discount link.

Learn More

Find CrossWired!

You can currently gain access to a FREE sample lesson of 
CrossWired Science.

Or, like I said before, you can purchase this online Science program - with its dozens of videos, dozens of links, and growing array of fascinating, fun lessons that glorify God - for just under $30 a year.

Read the reviews.

Eighty Homeschool Review Crew families have been tailoring CrossWired Science to their current homeschool needs. Discover how each has been using this homeschool science program.

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