Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We Play Pool Noodle Hockey

No correct equipment? No problem! All you need is a family with imagination!

That’s what we found one evening a few weeks back when warmer weather was finally breaking in our part of the world and our son wanted to play hockey outside.

The problem was that we have no hockey equipment.

And the solution? Looking at what we did have instead of what we didn’t and making it work anyway!

We had:
  • a need for Luke to enjoy some heavy work as part of his sensory diet.
  • a craving for us all to partake in some active, outdoor time (homeschool P.E.)
  • a family with imagination

Bike helmets, Freecycle-scored roller skates, pool noodles, a wiffle ball and the game was on!

The Look of Determination
Our former neighbor, who was visiting next door, even peeked out, saw us playing and came over to join in the fun.

Evening Up the Teams
  • Proprioceptive and vestibular input? Check!
Bend and Reach
Balance and Move
  • Laughter and fitness together outside? Check! 
"Hockey is fun!"
Daddy-Son Face Off
  • Creative problem-solving as a family? Check!
    Game On

    • Controled, good-natured rough play?  Check!
    And, perhaps, most importantly: Safe, family fun? Check! (Luke wanted to use his and Nina’s metal rakes as sticks. For safety reasons, I suggested the noodles.)

    We Play
    How about you? What have you been playing with your kids? Has creativity or problem-solving been the impetus for any new versions of old games? Do share! And, if you happen to try pool noodle hockey, stop by here again to let us know how it went.

    Aldo, stop be We Play at Childhood 101 to share.


    Jackie Higgins said...

    Who would have thought? Looks like fun!

    Catherine said...

    What a great active game. I think I need to apply more thought to other uses for pool noodles.

    MommyToTwoBoys said...

    What a cute idea! We have been outside a lot lately, enjoy the mostly spring weather. We have been doing bubbles, soccer, and lots of bike rides!

    Chapter Forty said...

    I love the words 'sensory diet'. My husband bought some pool noodles as they were on sale. (WE DONT HAVE A POOL) but now I know what we can do with them.

    Elle Belles Bows said...

    LOVE your lesson of looking at what you DO have rather than what you do not have! Fabulous lesson and lots of fun too!


    Unknown said...

    Very creative! Love it!

    We are starting a new Outdoor Play linky this coming Friday (May 13), would love it if you came by and linked this up!

    Messy Kids said...

    What a great use of pool noodles! We have 1 we cut in half for "swords" but I may have to buy a couple more so we can play hockey. Looks like a lot of fun.


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