Wednesday, January 27, 2016

When the Art-n-Nature Hiking Club Does No Hiking Nor Art...

Sometimes things do not go as planned and that is A-okay!

Last August,
we re-initiated our Art-n-Nature club, planning to organize at least one outing each month for local friends to get together to hike and enjoy art outdoors.  That plan worked well in August and September, took a bump in October, came back strong in November, lost its art portion in December, and, found us planning to "sled and sculpt" this month, only to have us drop the sculpting idea last minute.

For our sixth meet-up since re-initiating the club, our game plan was to enjoy "hiking" up a favorite sledding hill and sculpting forms in the snow using whatever tools and natural decorations that people brought or found.

However, when we got to the sledding hill, we realized the sun had gotten there before us, leaving us just enough snow to sled upon, but not quite enough for sculpting.

No one minded this one bit!  The weather was warm.  The day was ideal for sledding, so the four families that joined us simply delighted in chatting, sledding, and picnicking outdoors together.

No hike.  No art.  No problem.  There were still plenty of smiles shared outdoors by adults and children.   

Smiles and sledding! Got to love when everyone enjoys simple pleasures together, no matter what age!

New friendships form.

Old friends enjoy one another's company.

Mamas and their children smile, knowing life is what happens when you're making other plans... and life is blessed!

I cannot wait to see how the blessings of our Art-n-Nature club continue to unfold.

We're excited to continue our Art-n-Nature initiative and welcome YOUR suggestions for cold-weather art projects that can be enjoyed in February and March.  Please leave links and ideas in a comment or at the
Training Happy Hearts Facebook page.  Thank you!


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