Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Get Free Printable Lap Reports

{This post contains an affiliate link to  Thank you in advance for supporting our family if you decide to click through to purchase any of their fantastic products.  Now, onto the freebie...}

Earlier when I posted my review of Amazing Science, Volume 1, I mentioned that I had the children fill out lab reports when they did some of the science experiments.  The one Nina usually used is part of a freebie pack offered by Wild About teaching on the Scientific Method for Young Learners and is one Luke has used before, too.
Luke using Wild About Teaching's form during an earlier magnet experiment.

This month, though, I wanted to encourage the kids to start thinking about a few more of the typical parts of a "real" lab report.  So, I quickly put together a simple two-sided form for Luke to complete when doing some of our Amazing Science experiments.
It is nothing fancy, but it has been effective for us, so I wanted to share it forward here free.  Please feel free to download our printable lab report forms for your own personal use or to share the link to this post so others can do the same.

How do you integrate writing and reinforce the scientific method with your children?


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