Sunday, March 2, 2014

Stay Focused This Lent {A Free Daily Planner Printable}

You know that old saying, "If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy?"  Lately, it has once again become evident in our household that when Momma isn't disciplined and organized, few others are as well.

My remedy?

Get myself back on track!

To that end, I spent some time last night creating a Lenten Daily Planner for myself.  I am sharing it here in case others might find it helpful, too.

Let me explain it's parts:

  • Scripture:  At the top of the page is a scripture passage I will pray daily during Lent.  I figure if it's right there at the top, I will remember to do so!
  • Spirit Speak:  This is where I can jot down a piece of scripture, a quote from a devotional or words that come to my heart and mind during prayer time (or even during chaos time!)  This section i at the top to remind me that faith comes first every day!
  • Pray-Fast-Give: This is where I can plan forward or reflect back upon praying, fasting and giving I do each day, holding myself accountable!  It, too is towards the top to remind me to prioritize prayer, fasting and almsgiving.
  • Blank Box and Days:  In the top right blank box, I can write the date.  Beneath that, I can circle the day of the week.
  • Do I.T.s:  Here, there are three starred lines where I will write intentional tasks that I must get done on a given day.  Below that are several more lines for tasks I would like to get done.  These are towards the top to remind me to do them as soon as possible during the day so they they don't get lost in the shuffle.
  • Glasses and Icons:  Here, I can check off glasses when I remember to stay hydrated, track the number of hours I actually sleep, check off time spent reading God's word or mission-centered materials, check of time spent writing and reflecting and check off time spent connecting with my husband.  These are all things that keep me personally healthy as well as keep my marriage healthy.  I put them betwixt faith-based items and schedule and task stuff to remind me that I should focus on Prayer, Person, Partner, Parent, Provider of Eats/Homekeeping/Financial in that order.
  • Meals:  This is where I can make menu planning notes or keep a diary of my actual food intake.
  • The Gift of Time: There are 16 blank lines here to represent the 16 hours (maximum!) I should stay awake each day.  They are not "time-stamped' to allow flexibility.
  • Peace Tasks:  This is a checklist of bare minimum tasks that I should attend to daily to keep myself, my children and my home peaceful.
  • Homeschool:  This is where I can jot down notes for reflection, planning or record keeping.
  • Work / Blog / Ministry: This is where I can jot down notes, future to do's, have done's, etc.
  • Notes & Thoughts:  Brief additional notes and thoughts can be written here (as well as on eht back of the paper.)
  • Commit to the Lord...Succeed:  This is to remind me that I must do everything I do for love of our Lord.

My hope is that this planner will keep me more balanced and on task, and therefore better able to maintain focus where I should, throughout the Lenten season (and beyond!)

If you like the planner, but would like something on it tweaked or it put in a different form, please feel free to leave a comment here or on the Training Happy Hearts Facebook page.  I will do my best to honor requests so that I can gift forward the impulse I had to create this planner.

Today's post is more about helping Momma live her call better than it is about training young ones up.  But, the truth is, children learn by example.  If you have anything you'd like to share that is related to helping young children grow in faith, please leave a link here or on our Facebook Page. I will then add your sharing to our Training Happy Hearts:  A Call to Faith Formation for Young Children Pinterest board.


    annette @ A Net In Time said...

    you made a planner that works for you. Well done. :)

    Elisa said...


    I hope your planner helps you have a blessed (and organized) Lenten season. I just posted 2 Ways for Children to Participate in Stations of the Cross here:

    Thanks for continuing your link up in the form of a Pinterest Board.


    cyndi said...

    Wow, what an amazing mom you must be. Thanks for the sheet volume of ideas. I wish that I were as organized with my day, I may have to try your planner idea. Thanks


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