Thursday, November 10, 2011

November Thanks

I have seen “thank you” to referring site posts at a number of blogs and have been meaning to put one together myself. But, it was when I read Living Montessori Now's comprehensive Thank Yous for September post that I decided to finally get to it, and, now, a month later, as a part of BloTaAcMo, I am.

I just loved how Deb at Living Montessori Now included so much gratitude to blogosphere friends in one succinct, yet complete post. So, first, may I say thank you to Deb for encouraging me to do likewise (even if she didn’t realize I needed encouragement) and now onto the rest...

From my Google Analytics report for October 2011:

Thank you to all my referrers!
Top 10 Referring Sites
(not counting sites like Facebook, Google, Pinterist and the like)

  1. Organizing Junkie
  2. One Hook Wonder
  3. Living Montessori Now
  4. We Are THAT Family
  5. Heavenly Homemakers
  6. Homeschool Creations
  7. Well Trained Mind
  8. Catholic Mothers Online
  9. SPD Blogger Network
  10. Creative with Kids

Thank you to all my readers!
The top 10 Visited Posts that you enjoyed this past month were:

  1. I Can Calm Myself ABC Cards
  2. Alerting Activity ABC Cards
  3. 5 Ways to Use Montessori 3-Part Bob Books Cards
  4. Routines and Rhthms: Wake-Up Time and Daily Rhythm Chart  
  5. Resource Round Up of Body Part Cards
  6. The CVC Chalk Word Jump Game:  A Classic Outdoor Approach to Early Phonics with Sensory Diet Heavy work Thrown In
  7. Act Like an Elephant Cards
  8. Assumption of Mary:  No Cake Nor Juice Boxes, Just Some Drama
  9. 52 Weeks of Organizing:  Classroom, Shoes and Books
  10. If You Cannot Find It, Make Do: 3-Part Life of Mary Sequencing Cards

And, thank you to all who share through comments and blogs of their own!
I appreciate the community I find online and the way God sometimes uses each of us to be His hearts, hands, lips and mind for others.

I don't know how many times it has seemed that God has planted a seed in me, answered a prayer or otherwise moved me while I have been writing a post of my own or reading what someone else has shared.  Sometimes in the din of everyday life, it seems He shouts or whispers through the relative quiet of online time.  It is no secret that God uses our hands, hearts, lips and minds to do His work in person with others every day when we allow Him to.  Many days, I think He does the same on cyberspace.  Here's to hoping we each open ourselves to letting more of Him show through Our blogs in the weeks, months and years to come.

This post is being shared at Women Taking A Stand's Thankful ThursdayI am also linking it to BloTaAcMo, which you are welcome to join.


It's easy! Simply go to the Linky at the bottom of my initial BloTaAcMo post, where you can link up with:

  • blog posts you take off the back-burner of your brain and put out in blogosphere for others to feast on this month
  • tutorials about blogging skills you'd care to share
  • reflections on personal learning that you accomplish as a result of your BloTaAcMo efforts

Looking forward to seeing what you have to share at the linky.


Nicole said...

Love the idea for Thankful Thursday! Thank you!!

Denise said...

Enjoyed this post.


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