Sunday, January 26, 2020

Get FREE Printable Apostles' Creed Copywork in Cursive and Printing

Have you been looking for a free Apostles' Creed copywork printable?

Training Happy Hearts

I was doing so earlier today as I prepared lessons for the coming weeks.

When I could not find one, I decided to make a simple one myself and am sharing it with you here.

The printable includes a cursive model:

A print model:

And a blank line sheet:

That way, your children can choose to practice printing, cursive, or both. (Just print extra blank-lined pages if they want to do both printing and cursive.)

It also has a double thick line at the base of each line to help children remember to "ground" their letters, and spaces between words on the model to help children remember to leave spaces between words.

I hope this simple sheet blesses your and yours as you work on practicing prayers and handwriting.

You can find more free, printable prayer copywork here!

May your day be blessed!


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