Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Awards and Belated Thank You's

<-- Mama-Educator with the Principal and current students in our outdoor classroom. :)

 When this Mama-Educator was still in the full-time working world, she rarely took breaks or lunches with colleagues, preferring to spend such time offering extra help to my students, contacting parents or creating plans and curriculum.  Still, I loved that colleagues were so readily available to chat each day before the official work day began and after the kids went home.  I always appreciated the opportunity to bounce ideas off one another, share funny stories and, of course, lend and receive an ear on not-so-good days…  Now that I am an at-home educator, I miss this time.

There is no “before or after the kids go home” anymore.  The kids are here 24-7 and so am I.  There are no colleagues to bump into in the hallway.  Indeed, adult conversation throughout the day is often limited.  Discourse with like-minded educators is even more so.  So, as much as I never thought I would say this: I thank God often for the community I have found through blogsophere.  Knowing I can share, help, witness and chat with other Mama-Educators at the press of the computer “on” button is something I appreciate.  Doing so inspires me, gives me a break when I need one and offers me the camaraderie I miss from my full-time teaching days.

It also sometimes gives me that “boost” I need to keep on going.  This past month has been very blessed, but also quite out of balance, since baby Jack came on the scene.  Some of my bloggie friends have offered words of wisdom through comments and personal emails.  THANK YOU!  And, a few fellow bloggers have honored me with awards – an unexpected and appreciated honor. 

Thus, much belated, I thank all these folks and am finally passing the awards on…

As I understand, the first two awards have identical rules (which follow) and the final one has no guidelines besides being passed to someone whose blog you’re wild about.  So, here goes:

Rule number 1:  Thank the person who gave you your award. 

First up, thank you, Carine from Lily Tots for the Versatile Blogger Award.  I love browsing all the wonderful Montessori-inspired pictures of Carine’s little one at work and know others do, too!  Seeing how easily common Montessori works and principles can be applied and caught-in-action makes for much inspiration.

Second, thank you, Sandy at Raising Ian for the Outstanding Blogger Award.  Sandy’s wonderful photos, descriptions, details and ideas about applying Montessori to home teaching are so helpful!  And, I just love some of the mini photo collages of her child at work!

And, finally, thank you, Colleen from Sunrise Learning Lab for the Wild About Your Blog award.  How cool is it to be among the first to be honored with this new award designed by Colleen and her children – especially since Colleen’s blog is one I am crazy about, too – replete with loads of pictures, links, ideas and, well, everything Montessori, Reggio and homeschool.  What a resource it is!

Rule number 2:  Share seven things about yourself.

1.  Those who read this blog know that our first goal in training our children up is to love God.  What they might not know is that I went through some very unloving moments in this respect – dark periods of turning away from my faith.  The good news?  God never turned away from me.  I only hope I can model that kind of love for my own children.

2.  When I was in college, I wanted to graduate with my BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) and my MRS (Mrs. So-and-So, having met a husband at school).  I only achieved the former and, then, decided if I could not be married I would set an arbitrary goal to travel to at least as many countries as I am years old.  I did this, traveling in over 35 nations before finally meeting my husband. 
3.  A little over five years ago, I was planning a year-long world trip.  I had worked, volunteered and traveled abroad, but had never continued to explore place after place at my own pace for an entire year unfettered.  So, I saved up money, found a travel buddy and said a prayer: “God, keep me safe in my travels.  If you don’t want me to go, send me a sign…perhaps a good job or a husband.”  Well, he sent both – I met Mike and a teaching offer came through.  Long story short: a different journey began for me – one with obligations and in one location, but one that I would not trade for anything.
4.  Three of my biggest obligations are Luke, Nina and Jack.  What a privilege and a responsibility it to be the steward of them.  I have taught countless children in the US and abroad, have worked with even more though jobs at camps, on the Disney Cruise line, etc., but nothing compares to the joys and the challenges of having three little miracles all of my (and Mike’s, but truly God’s) own.
5.  At several points in my life, I wanted to open my own daycare, pre-school or drama-and-arts space.  The most recent one was since Mike and I married.  Ironically, in collecting “stuff” to do so, I added to the clutter in our home which is now my biggest stumbling block for many dreams and plans.  I now recognize how “stuff” spoils and impedes living.  (Can we say, “Do not store up…”?)  I am in serious need of organizational efforts and help!
6.  Another dream I have harbored since getting married is becoming a homesteader.  (Luke, who seriously wants to “build a farm”, is all for this idea right now.)  Unfortunately, I have no green thumb and few practical skills.  All in due time… Our first vegetable garden has failed this year, but at least we have a beautiful compost pile going!
7.  I am known by some friends as the “Queen of Free”, and have recently learned that what is free is not always what is good nor needed (relating to 5 above).  But, if it is an experience for the family, it usually is.  I LOVE spring and summer and all the fun, free events and venues we find to enjoy moments of family time.
And Rule Number 3:  Pass the award onto 15 bloggers whom you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!  

I really want to finish this post right now, but my children need me more than this post does at the moment, so I will attend to Rule #3 on Thursday.  Be sure to check back for brief descriptions and links to some great blogs I have recently found or rediscovered and also check out the three mentioned under Rule #2.

Have a blessed day!

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Sandy said...

Martianne, congratulation for your new baby. I do not understand how you have time to posting :-) Thanks to stop by my blog.

Unknown said...

Hello Martianne!
I have accepted your award and I thank you again for adding me to your list of versatile bloggers... :)
Deborah Jean~


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