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Let Students Take Control of Their Learning with CTCMath {A CTCMath / Homeschool Review Crew Review}

 I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Have you ever cheered over a math program?

I have! 

In fact, I cheered when I found out that we'd been selected to review another 12 month family membership from CTCMath.

What Is CTCMath?

CTCMath is an online math curriculum for grades K-12 that allows students to self-pace through math while giving parents quick access to checking up on how students are doing.

Some excellent features of CTCMath are:

  • adaptive questions that change in difficulty depending on a student's ability which help students build confidence and master 
  • concepts
  • a function that allows questions to be readout so that struggling readers are not held back in math
  • interactive questions based explicitly on clear, concise video tutorials
  • extensive reports for parents and progress notations students can see, too

One thing missing from CTCMath - at least in our experience - is stress. Neither I as a parent not my children as self-paced learners find CTCMath stressful and that is huge!

What Has Our experience with CTCMath Been?

Since we first reviewed CTCMath in 2019, it has become a staple in our home.  We so appreciate how it provides a full K-12 curriculum, including Calculus that offers teaching videos, practice questions, games, tests, tasks, weekly revisions sets, and more which make it a flexible, easy, self-paced program for my children to access and use.

My youngest, now 11, has moved through several years of math using CTCMath and has also practiced his facts using the Speed Skills portion of the program. Currently, he is on a break from screens, and, thus, from online math, but he looks forward to using CTCMath again and says:
I like CTCMath. I was using it until last week and want to continue using it. I enjoy it, and it is easy to use.

I love that my youngest favors CTCMath, can use it independently and can pause, then pick up with his math work with it easily. Self-paced and flexible, with clear teaching, CTCMath is a win for him

My middle child, now 15, prefers book-based math programs, but, we occasionally, use her CTCMath login to learn or practice particular skills. The fact that CTCMath has pre-recorded Video Tutorials that explain and teach each and every concept for grades K-12 and allow students access any time on any device worldwide makes it prime for such supplementary use even if it is meant to be used as a one-stop, full math curriculum.

The program also works as intended, of course! In fact, my eldest child, now 16, uses CTCMath as his sole math program and thoroughly appreciates the independence it gives him. When I asked him for his current thoughts on CTCMath for this review, he said:

CTCMath is an online math program for students in  grades K -12.

I am on my third year of using CTCMath for high school. I have used it from Algebra I, through Algebra 2 and Geometry, and now I am into Pre-Calc/Trigonometry, which has allowed me to become quite familiar with the program.

Its style of videos followed by a short set of around ten questions works well with my independent learning style. For those who work better with worksheets, that’s an option as well. In fact, for some lessons, worksheets are the only option because the covered subject is too complex for a set of online multiple-choice questions.

Recently the site has undergone some changes which have been mostly graphical.  Among the changes has been the addition of a mastery bar. This video explains what the mastery bar is about:

Overall, I have greatly appreciated CTCMath. Out of all the math programs I have used, I have stayed with CTC the longest. It is easy to use and, typically, helps me move through math learning independently. The only issue I have is sometimes the videos are not enough to help me understand a concept clearly. On such occasions, I sometimes need to ask someone else for help or I just keep working through problems until I get them. As a self learner this works fine for me as I usually just learn by trying.

I would highly suggest CTCMath to anyone who wants to take more control of their education or for parents who want to have to be less hands-on with their students. It has been great for me, and I hope the same can hold true for you.

CTCMath has truly been a blessing to our family, fitting each child's needs in a different way and carrying two of my children through multiple grades of math with very little oversight or help from me.

I Highly Recommend CTCMath

Over and over since we first began using CTCMath in 2019, I have recommended it to others in person and online as an excellent, user-friendly program that can help students take control of their learning. I am doing so again today:

CTCMath is an easy to use program that allows students to self-pace through lessons and even move between grade level math courses. It also allows parents to easily check student progress by providing extensive reports that can help parents and students identify weaker areas that require further study and applaud progress in stronger areas.

Not many math programs make me cheer, but CTCMath does: Hoorah for CTCMath making math easy and independent for students while simplifying things for parents, too. I truly think it is the best online math curriculum for homeschoolers out there.

Get a Discount on CTCMath!

One more reason to cheer about CTCMath is that they have a homeschool discount right now.  Click through if you would like to try CTCMath for 1/2 price!

Also, be aware that there is no risk involved. CTCMath offers a 12-month money-back guarantee with no questions asked if you find the curriculum is not for you and your

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