Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September Thank You

Last year, I modeled a thank you post after the one Deb does at Living Montessori Now.  I had every intention of writing one up monthly, but obviously got distracted before the habit formed.  Today, I have decided that it is time to revitalize the practice of posted thank you’s.  So, from my Google Analytics report for August 2012:

Thank you to all my referrers! 
I appreciate your links and support and enjoy reading your sites, too.

The Top 10 Referring Sites (not counting sites like Facebook, Google, Pinterest and the like) were:

1.       LivingMontessori Now

2.       Creative with Kids

3.       Crafolic

4.       Tercets

5.       Catholic Icing

6.       Catholic Mothers Online

7.       Organizing Junkie

8.       My Special Needs Network

9.       Suscipio

10.   The Party Animal

Thank you to all my readers!
I am honored that you pause for a moment to read Training Happy Hearts and even happier to read your comments and respond to requests.  Please never hesitate to leave a comment here or on FB about what you would like to see in future posts.

The Top 10 Visited Posts that you enjoyed this past month were:

1.      Assumption of Mary:  No Cake Nor Juice Boxes, Just Some Drama

2.      Resource Round Up of Body Part Cards

3.      Alerting Activity ABC Cards

4.       Resource Round Up:  10 Free Felt Stories, Flannel Stories and Magnetic Board Resources

5.      Routines and Rhythms:  Wake Up Time and Daily Rhythm Charts

6.      If You Cannot Find It, Make Do: 3-Part Life of Mary Sequencing Cards

7.       Act Like an Elephant Cards

8.       Planning and Assumption of Mary Tea

9.      I Can Calm Myself ABC Cards

10.   Family Visits and Car Activity Bags

Thank you faithful followers!
With the dearth of time so many of us have for browsing blogs and  plethora of fantastic blogs out there to read, I am both humbled and grateful when someone chooses to follow Training Happy Hearts.  Thank you.

If you aren’t following THH and wish to, please feel free to do so by email (see the box in the right side bar) or through the Training Happy Hearts Facebook page (where you’ll find thoughts, questions, links to most THH posts and, increasingly, links to other posts you might like as well). 

One day I will get on the blogging ball and get options for RSS feeds, Google + and all those other options put on Training Happy Hearts, but, to be honest, I am not too tech savvy and, since the academic year has begun anew, I have even less time for blogging than I did before, so it may be a while.    That said, if you have a link to a great free tutorial about how to do any such “fancy” blog tech stuff, please share it in a comment!

Thank you to link-up participants!
I love browsing your ideas and hope we can collect a library of links that will help all of us continue training our youngest children up with happy hearts united in faith.

Thank you to all who take the time to link up and comment at Training Happy Hearts:  A Call to Faith Formation for Young Children each week.  I enjoy getting feedback on posts I share and clicking over to the ones you link up!  I also welcome requests for future topics to be featured on this Sunday link-up.  So, feel free to let me know if you’d like me to focus on a particular part of faith formation, a certain type of resource or what have you.  I am happy to let your need be my inspiration.

Thank you to you to my affiliates and to those who choose to click through links at trainin Happy Hearts to make purchases!

I only become an affiliate for businesses with products our family believes in, and I appreciate each time someone goes through our affiliate links to make a purchase.  When you choose to do so, our family receives a small commission, which we, in turn, we put right back into the life and learning we share about here on Training Happy Hearts.  Clicking from Training Happy Hearts links to make your purchases does not affect your order or prices in any way, except when you use posted discount links or, which makes – hooray – can your purchase price even less expensive! 

Training Happy Hearts currently has the following affiliate relationships: 
  • If you use the code “HAPPY” when purchasing at Future Horizons, you will receive 15% off your purchase and free shipping.  (They are one of our favorite places for SPD and autism resources!)
  • You can get free Shipping with any purchase over $100 at Marbles, while helping us earn a small commission on what you purchase.
  • You can enjoy recipes from on of our go-to GFCF everyday cookbooks, Good and Easy Eats from Simply Natural Health.  (I reviewed this e-book here.)
  • You can learn a bit about blogging and taxes, as I did last tax season, by purchasing Your Blogging Business: Tax Talks and Tips from a Bookkeeper turned Blogger.  (I shared about that here.)
  • You and your children can learn about how to become entrepreneurs as our family is beginning to at Go Rich Kids (I interviewed Mark Victor Hansen, who began this initiative, and share it here.)
  • You can stock up through Amazon.com, while helping us out.  Thank you.
I welcome new affiliates with products I can stand behind.  I am open to sponsors as well.  Please feel free to get in touch.

I look forward to sharing and growing with you all in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings
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Jen-Marie @ Catholic Inspired said...

Thank you for the thank you, Martianne!!! ;-) What a fun ideas this post is!! God bless!!

Cris said...

It's been a pleasure to have found you and to have been reading you for months/years!!
Thank you for being an inspiration.

Martianne said...

Jennifer, I loved the idea when I saw it on Living Montessori and want to make it a habit. Cris, it's a pleasure reading your blog, too. You share so many wonderful ideas - and in two languages no less. I am always impressed. Isn't it wonderful how the internet helps connect folks who can mutually inspire one another? I love it.

Cris said...

You're right, it's wonderful to "know" people from so far away and to realize that we have things in common and that we can share so much.
I'm looking forward to reading your next post.

Elisa said...

I am thankful we found each other and happy we can refer back and forth Martianne. Looking forward to more.

Martianne said...

Elisa, I am, too!


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