Sunday, September 11, 2016

Plans to Honor Our Lady of Sorrows through Art, Music, and a Poet-Tea

Tonight, after praying and pondering for far too long, perhaps, I have finally formulated a plan for my children and their friend's AMP It Up Club meeting this week, which happens to fall on the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows.

Typically, when my children, our friends, and I gather for our Art, Music, and Poetry club,

  • recite and chat about poems,
  • read about a composer,
  • listen to some classical music,
  • complete a simple journal page,
  • take a movement break,
  • enjoy a brief picture study,
  • and complete a large artwork.

Sometimes, however, we adapt our plans to celebrate the liturgical year, which is exactly what we'll be doing this week.

A Poet-Tea

As friends arrive, they will (hopefully!) be greeted by a simple poet-tea table decorated with the Our Lady of Sorrows peg doll we received in a recent swap, as well as printable prayer cards

from the Fatima Network, our Seven Sorrows of Mary 3-Part Cards and large candles.

That is, unless I get some unexpected time this week and am able to decoupage candles like the ones that Nicole at Just Like Mary made.

Credit: Just Like Mary

On the table will be a heart-shaped juice wiggler, cake, or other treat with seven cocktail spears or GFCF pretzel sticks stuck into it.  (Friends will be invited to add to the table if they've brought any themed treats.)  If I am able to find sour candies, there will also be some of those.

We will then commence our poet-tea by praying grace together, asking what Memorial we are celebrating and what the children already know about it, and, then, lighting a candle as we announce each of the Seven Sorrows of Mary and, maybe, nibble a "Tear of Mary" like at Catholic Cuisine

Pending how time and attention are, I may also share excerpts from The Rosary of the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady booklet from Companion of the Cross , from The Seven Sorrows of Our Blessed Mother by Our Lady of the Rosary Library, or the Rosary of the Seven Dolors of the Blessed Virgin Mary by the Knights of Columbus.

At the conclusion of praying a Hail Mary for each of the Seven Sorrows of Mary, we will pray the prayer on the printable prayer cards.

Credit: The Catholic Company

We may also do a quick picture study of the image shared on The Catholic Company's webpage and also chat about that Seven Promises of Mary.

Then, while the children eat, I will read the Seven Sorrows Rhyme to them from Catholic Tradition.

Finally, after we clear the table, we'll spread our
Seven Sorrows of Mary 3-Part Cards out on the table and play Two-Finger Touch I Spy by having one child say, "I spy... (a detail in the image)" while the other children attempt to be the first to two-finger touch the card that matches the description.   Whoever is the first to touch the correct card keeps it and gives a descriptor of another card. 

When all cards are in hand, children will pair up so each pair has at least one card.  Then, they will be challenged to create a stanza of poetry to go along with the sorrow on the cards they hold.  We'll write these out and share them with one another.

Music and (More) Art

I will explain that the Sorrows of Mary have inspired many poems and songs through the years, perhaps the most famous of which the Stabat Mater (At the Cross Her Station Keeping), a 13th century hymn, which has been revised a number of times and which the children may be most familiar from the Lenten season.

One version of the hymn was composed by someone we've already studied a bit about - a Baroque composer who the children might remember as a red-haired priest.  Vivaldi!

So, we will likely listen to Vivaldi's composition while creating some art.

Using a variety of art media and the inspiration of the artwork on the
Seven Sorrows of Mary 3-Part Cards, and, perhaps, these line drawings of the Seven Sorrows from the Florida Center for Peace, the children will then be encouraged to create their own depiction of one of Mary's Sorrows.

These artworks as well as copies of the poems the children wrote can be put in  their AMP binders.

For Another Time

Two additional ideas I want to save for another time to pray and learn with the children are praying the Litany of Seven Sorrows as shared at Pondered in My Heartand having a scavenger hunt to create a bouquet for Our Lady of Sorrows like at Just Like Mary

I also want to carefully read the Devotion of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary booklet from the Fatima Network myself if I have time to focus and to listen to Fr. Ripperger's talk on Our Lady of Sorrows.


Enjoy glimpses into other Poet-Tea plans and photos.

I'd welcome YOUR ideas for honoring Our Lady.  Please do share your favorite recipes, poems, songs, artworks, crafts, talks, prayers, and devotions with me.


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