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"You're Having a Good Hair Day" {A GREEMU Oil Review}

When I was offered an opportunity to review GREEMU by Devonian, which is distributed by Koru Naturals, I did not hesitate to say yes.  Previously, I had reviewed Koru Natural Emu Oil and some other products and had been happy with them, so I was curious how the all-natural, plant-based
GREEMU would compare.


Greemu Devonian Review

is a beauty oil developed by scientists to mimic the composition and properties of emu oil, which originated in Australia and has been used for hundreds of years to:

  • help eliminate fine lines
  • improve skin elasticity
  • encourage cell turnover
  • relieve dry skin
  • repair damaged hair
  • heal split ends
  • seal moisture into hair
  • detangle hair

and more. 

Because use of animal products like emu oil has fallen out of favor in recent years, but the need and desire for quality beauty oils has not, the folks at
Devonian  worked hard to create a product like emu oil, but made completely with plant oils and butters.  It seems they succeeded.  GREEMU contains only five ingredients:
  • macadamia oil, which is high in mono-unsaturated fatty acids, omega 3's, omega 6's, and more and works to help heal scars and sunburns as well as to promote soft, young-looking skin
  • organic palm oil, which is a natural antioxiant rich in vitamin E, vitamin K, magnesium, and more
  • shea butter, which is a time-proven emollient rich in vitamin E and is known for leaving a smooth, satinyy finish on hands and face
  • sunflower seed oil, which hydrates and is effective against acne, eczema, scarring, and skin irritation
  •  rice bran oil, which is rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential pis and is believed to slow UV ray absorption and to help with anti-aging

In short,
GREEMU oil is designed to be do all that emu oil does for skin and hair, but uses only plant-based ingredients to do so.

GREEMU for Hair

I am an extraordinarily low-maintenance mama.  I do not wear make up; I don't own a blow dryer; and my (non-existent) beauty routine consists of brushing my teeth daily and taking a shower when I can.  My skin rarely sees consistent use of oils or creams, and, when it does, products have to be easy to put on and contain no offensive-to-me-scents.  My hair, likewise, rarely gets attention beyond washing, conditioning, and natural hair drying.  

Sometimes, I do give myself a little extra attention and when products like Koru Naturals come in, I am pleased since they are low maintenance and effective.  But, alas, when a bottle of product runs out, I am horrible about replacing it, so whatever improvements things like Emu Oil once began to make for me get lost...

Such was the case when our review of
GREEMU began.  When our 4 oz. bottle of GREEMU arrived, my thick, naturally curly hair was in less than stellar condition and, even though vanity is not something I often succumb to, I had been finding myself taming my curly mess and frizz frequently by tossing it into a quick pony tail, bun, twist, or braids.


On the days when I washed my hair, I put some drops of
GREEMU oil on my hands, ran them through my hair, and carried on with my day with my hair down and looking better than normal.  Then, lo and and behold, just yesterday, after showering quickly, throwing some GREEMU oil in, and heading out for the day, something was said to me that I have not heard in such a long time.

I was in a parking lot after Mass, gathering supplies from my trunk for a co-op I was headed off to when a friend passed by, corralling her four young ones who were also headed to co-op.  Despite having her hands full and her head focused on getting over to co-op, my friend paused, smiled, and commented, "You're having a good hair day!" 

Oh my goodness!  I cannot recall the last time I have heard those words from anyone.

Years ago, when I cared more about my appearance and had more time to spend on myself, I often got positive comments about my curly locks, but, since motherhood, the integrity of folks I know disallows such comments.  For, as I fully admit, my hair rarely looks kind comment-worthy.  Thus, the fact that a fellow busy mom noticed my hair and commented on it is pretty telling. 
GREEMU works!

GREEMU for Skin

I have also been using
GREEMU on my face and hands sometimes.  When I do so, as long as I am not heavy handed in dropping the oil onto my palms to rub into my face, neck, and hands, I find the result is not too greasy and leaves my skin feeling smoother.  Even without daily skin use, I am finding GREEMU helps with my incredibly dry skin.  Better still, it does so without extra scents.  (I truly do not like scented oils and creams!)

I have heard from others that
GREEMU works well to abate symptoms of eczema and other skin conditions, and I cannot wait to see results of this myself, too.  I was hoping by now, to be able to do so, but I have not, through no fault of GREEMU.

You see, my oldest son has had weird skin bumps since birth which are getting worse as he enters into his preteen years.  So, I intended to try GREEMU on him for this review. However, as life would have it, just around the time when our GREEMU bottle came in, my son ended up getting scratched on his face while rough playing with his siblings.  Despite me telling him not to, my son then picked at his scratch, and, before we knew it, it became infected to the point where a full course of medication was required. 

Of course, I could not test a new skin product on my son while using prescription ointments on him, and, since his infection took quite a while to clear, we have not started using
GREEMU on him yet.  Thus, I am unable to say, firsthand, how GREEMU does with skin conditions beyond dry skin.  Some of the 85 Schoolhouse Review Crew families that reviewed GREEMU likely can, though, so do pop over to read their reviews.

Greemu Devonian Review

I am well-pleased so far with
GREEMU for my hair and skin and excited to start using it on my son's skin.  I'd recommend it to others who want a low-maintenance, plant-based beauty oil for hair and skin.

Greemu Devonian Review

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